Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 59. Albany

A day at the museum!

Brig Amity
A windy day greeted us as Scarlett 'rudely' opened all in the windows in the van to wake up both Bec and me at around 7:30am this morning. Bugger!

We desperately needed to get some shopping done, so Bec volunteered to visit the local shopping mall to get the supplies (more like therapy), and I took Scarlett down to the Albany waterfront to explore the brig "Amity", and visit a branch of the Western Australian Museum. Bec dropped Scarlett and I off, and she quickly disappeared around the nearest corner. Meanwhile, Scarlett and I watched a passing goods train, before boarding the 'Amity'.

First a quick history lesson:

The arrival of the original brig into Princess Royal Harbour back in 1826 marked the beginning of Western Australia's colonial history. Under instructions from the British Government, the 'Amity' brought the first European settlers to these shores to establish a military post. The settlement's initial name of Frederickstown never took hold, and in 1832, it was re-named Albany. For several decades, however, it continued to be known as King George Sound.

Scarlett loved exploring this sailing ship from top to bottom, and we even played "pirates" sailing the seven seas and 'collecting' hordes of treasure. She was a little spooked by the creaking sounds deep down in the hold of the 'Amity' (speakers and sounds replicating the sound of the ship at sea), but braved the unknown and even returned after more exploring!

Learning at the museum
Next we went into a branch of the Western Australian Museum and explored the recent history of Albany, as well as sampling the interactive displays they have here for children on the local marine life and wildlife. Scarlett was in heaven! We had the place all to ourselves, and we saw live turtles, sea horses, clown fish, hermit crabs, and numerous insects/creepy crawlies. I think it was a good idea that Bec skipped this one, as she probably wouldn't of enjoyed the creepy crawly insects so much!

We spent hours doing heaps of crafts including making mushrooms with clay, colouring in, painting plaster star fish, and reading books. It was well after lunchtime by the time I had any chance of dragging Scarlett away from this treasure-trove of fun, exploring, and learning! It was a great morning, and I think I almost enjoyed it as much as she did!

Painting Star Fish
Western Pygmy Possum
The afternoon was spent back in the pool and spa, exploring along the beach which is literally on the other side of the sand dunes from the caravan park here at Middleton Beach, playing games in the van parks games room (Scarlett beat me at a game of Pool!), and I even took Scarlett to the two adjacent kids playgrounds near the caravan park to let Bec watch some TV and have some 'girl time'.

Dog Rock

Unfortunately, it was getting very windy and cold by this time, and Scarlett and I had to eventually return to the van for dinner and a hot shower. I think the day was a success for all of us...

Beach behind the caravan park

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