Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 41. Caiguna to Fraser Range Station

We were on the road early today, and first stop was Caiguna to top up the fuel as the Jerry’s didn’t quite fill the Pajero. Only had to put in 26 litres, but it cost me $50 bucks! This has been the most expensive fuel to date at $1.96 per litre. I’m glad I had my jerry as it could have been a lot more expensive.
As soon as we left Caiguna, we had to stop for a photo or two as we had reached the longest straight road in Australia; at 146.6kms, or 90 miles (depending how old you are).

Our trip today was only 284kms from start to finish, but it felt like an eternity. Even Scarlett kept asking how long, and when I answered her she replied “You’re insane!” I guess the monotony of no change in scenery or the road being so straight for so long probably had something to do with that!

The only highlight today was that we saw six Wedge-tailed Eagles. That’s more in one day, than total seen to date – which is four.
We were the first here at Fraser Range Sheep Station today. It probably had something to do with us still not being use to the time zone change and arriving early. We are now 2 hours behind Sydney time (apparently). This place is located about 100kms east of Norseman on the western edge of the Nullarbor Plain, although it bears very little resemblance to the rest of the treeless Nullarbor Plain. The property is surrounded by a dense hardwood eucalyptus forest composed of spectacular black butts, salmon gums and gimlets. The station is currently undergoing a change from Merino sheep to Damara sheep, which apparently has produces a high quality meat product that is extremely lean, very tasty and low in cholesterol. It’s a shame it’s not a working station at the moment, as I’m sure Scarlett would of found it extremely interesting, but it is located in a beautiful location, is cheap compared to other caravan parks, and is away from the noise of the highway.
Scarlett caught another shingleback

Our camp

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Old Ute at the station

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