Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 52. Esperance to Hyden (Wave Rock)

On the road again!

You wouldn't read about it, today when we woke; Esperance was a sea of sunshine and no wind what so ever. Typical, we have been here a week with bad weather and today it was glorious. We left with a plan to go 200km's (half way) to Wave Rock, and stop at a free camp outside Ravensthorpe. When we got there the weather had really heated up to 37 deg and the free camp was really close to the road. We went into town to find a park to have lunch at, and realised there was absolutely nothing there.

Scarlett on a huge cam shaft at the park

We made the decision together to push on another 200km's, and go the whole way to Wave Rock. It was a long 400km's, but we made it there just after 3pm. Scarlett spotted the pool from the office and was in swimmers pestering me to take her over before we were even set up. She had been so good in the car the whole way, I decided to leave the set up to poor Shane and take her straight over. There were other kids there and she had a ball, it was so hot I even thought about going in for about 1 second, felt the water with my toe, and decided to read my book on the side instead.

After her swim we decided to take a walk over to check out the rock, as it was a whole 200mtrs away from our caravan site. 'Wave Rock' is pretty impressive, they say its WA's Ayers Rock, and I recon it is nearly as big too. We climbed to the top and watched the sun set together, it was magical. Scarlett and Shane did all the usual poses and pretended to be surfing and slid down the sides of the rock. They had a ball.

When we got back and had dinner, Scarlett played in the park with two little girls that are also travelling around Australia. It still amazes me how many people we meet at each park; young families with kids all doing the same thing.

View from the top

I am planning on hitting the hay early this evening and getting up early to catch the sunrise on the rock. Hopefully it will be worth the effort.

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