Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 90. Perth

Happy Birthday Robyn

Robyn and Bec
Today was Robyn's Birthday! After I got Scarlett and Nana out of the caravan, the girls all ran in and jumped into Robyn's bed wishing her a happy birthday and showering her with gifts. Marty cooked us all a lovely breakfast of Eggs Benedict, he did such a great job, they were beautiful.

After breakfast Robyn put a new colour in my hair, I am now a lovely shade of burgundy. I was in desperate need to cover up all the grey. Mum and I did a quick trip to the shops to grab a couple of birthday cakes for today. One (a caramel and pecan cake) was to take out to lunch, and the second was (fairy and unicorn cake) for the girls to give her when we got back for afternoon tea.

Robyn, mum and I met a few of Robyn's friends for lunch at 'Emma's on the Boardwalk' a lovely restaurant over looking the water at Rockingham. The meals were really good and the company great. Everyone had a relaxing time looking out over the bay, with the magic weather I'm sure Robyn had a fantastic time.

On the way home from lunch we called into the shopping centre so Robyn could spend the gift voucher we got for her birthday. She got some really nice PJ's and underwear. Marty called as the girls were driving him insane so it was time to head back, they were chomping at the bit to give Robyn her birthday cake.

Blowing out the birthday candles...

We had a quiet afternoon, eating more birthday cake and playing with the kids. This evening Marty has taken Robyn out for dinner, and I am watching the kids, they were as good as gold. I will say I am missing Shane a little, but I know he is having a great time and I am happy for him.
 posted by Bec

Day 2 at Barbagello

Both Geoff and I were a little dehydrated this morning - nothing some vegemite on toast and a strong coffee couldn't fix.

We were at the track before 7am, and waiting at the back of the pits for the drivers to arrive. Geoff has a 1:18 scale 2009 Bathurst 'Sprint Racing' car driven by Murphy and Skaife, and really wanted to get Murphy's Signature. We didn't have to wait long, as both 'Murph' and David Reynolds soon arrived at the track. Geoff 'pounced', and had his much needed signatures even before 'Murph' was out of the car he was driving. Russell (Bec's dad) would of been proud of Geoff's stalking abilities...

During the course of the day, Geoff (who was now on a roll), bought another model car and was again stalking Greg Murphy for another signature. We soon found him over the other side of the race track, and then had the needed signatures. Unfortunately Craig Lowndes was nowhere to be seen, but we had a plan to 'ambush' him early tomorrow morning...

Today we ended watching Race 1 and all the other action from the far side of the track. The skies were clear, the sun was out, and we both ended up sunburnt by the end of the day. It was a good day at the track, but I think the sun started taking its toll.

By the time we returned to Geoff's house, we were both buggered. I shouted Geoff to Pizza (delivered of course), and before we knew it we had fallen asleep in front of the TV.
posted by Shane

Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 89. Perth

...Welcome Nana

Shane left this morning at 6:00am. After he came in and kissed me goodbye, I tried to go back to sleep but couldn't. After the early night, and being so excited to see Nana today it was impossible. So I made a cuppa and sat out in the lounge room and watched 'Sunrise' in complete silence, this was a lovely and rare experience indeed!

I finally had to wake Scarlett at 7:30am to start getting ready to battle the traffic into the airport. Turns out it was nowhere near as bad as I thought, and we made it there in 40min. I have to stop comparing all the traffic to Sydney. We were even early enough to park the car and go in, so we could surprise her at the gate. She was surprised as we hid and jumped out at her. She was a little overwhelmed I think, it had been so long since she had seen us, we all hugged and kissed and all started talking at once. It was a great re-union, we have really missed her.

We were meeting Robyn later in the city, so I decided to take mum and Scarlett up to King's Park to see the great lookout. I had some coffee in a thermos for Nana, and snacks for Scarlett, so it was morning tea while overlooking the whole of Perth. Shane and I were here the week earlier and found a great park with dinosaurs we were keen to show Scarlett, so we headed there next.

Scarlett & Nana at King's Park

Scarlett had a ball. The park was full of life sized dinosaur statues, a fort, and great play equipment. If we hadn't been going to meet Robyn and the girls in Fremantle, we could have stayed here all day.

Next it was off to Fremantle's South Beach Park, another great park right on the beach. Poor Nana was so hungry, after leaving home at 4:00am and gaining two hours it was close to 3:00pm now for her, so we decided to grab some lunch here at the park's cafe. What a disappointment.. Our meals took 45min and were dismal. Mum and I had fish burgers that had a piece of frozen oven baked fish, and no butter or tartare sauce. It was so dry, and cost $11 at that. I went back and give them some very detailed feedback when we were finished.

The kids played for a couple of hours then we drove back to get settled in to watch the Royal Wedding. What a wedding, no one else was as interested as me, but I watched every minute and loved it. I don't recon I will ever forget where I was when Kate and Wills got hitched, just like I can remember his mothers wedding. R.I.P Diana.

posted by Bec

Hello Barbagello...

This morning Geoff picked me up at 6am and we were off to the racetrack! Geoff only lives about 15 minutes from the track, which made our days even better. We made it to the track even before the sun had risen, so it was a great way to start the day.

Shane and Rick Kelly
It was straight into the back of the pits with Kelly Racing, as I had been invited to attend the Kelly Racing Big Brekkie. It was a full on affair, with a big cooked breakfast, and real coffee! Yummy! Racing drivers Rick and Todd Kelly, as well as Greg Murphy and Dave Reynolds soon joined us, and sat down with us during breakfast. They signed our gear, had photo's taken, and then gave a personal tour of the pits and their cars. It was great!

I think Geoff enjoyed himself as well, as it was his first experience 'behind the scenes' and interacting with an actual race team. I'm glad he enjoyed the experience. The rest of the day was spent checking out the racetrack, and watching the V8's and support races during practice and qualifying. Even the Super bikes were here. We scoped the area to see where we were going to sit during race 1 tomorrow, and at the end of the day went back to Geoff's for a great steak dinner.

Greg Murphy and Geoff

Geoff talked me into going out with him for a 'couple drinks' down at his local watering hole. Well, as you would of guessed, a couple turned into a few, and a few turned many. So at closing time we were duly asked to leave the establishment and walked back to Geoff's place. It ended up being a big night out, and I'm not really sure if we got much sleep at all.

We had to be up and out at 6am tomorrow, ready to return to the track!
posted by Shane

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 88. Perth

Good bye Shane...

Another lazy day at home today. Robyn took Scarlett to a play group for a couple of hours, so Shane and I got busy washing and making up all the beds ready for Nana's arrival tomorrow. While Robyn and the kids were gone we ducked out for an hour to grab some groceries and a couple of bolts for Shane's big project of mounting the satellite dish onto the back of the caravan. I'm so happy it's finally out of the caravan, he has worked on it all day and it's finally finished, and what a great job he did too.

It's Robyn's Birthday on Saturday, and Marty is taking her out for dinner so tonight as a special treat I made her favourite dish for dinner, Swiss Chicken. It's chicken breast with ham and melted Swiss cheese on top in a garlic mustard sauce. I have it on good authority, I did good! This evening Shane was supposed to catch a train back out to Geoff's place in Joondalup. He is staying there till Sunday as Geoff lives near the race track for three days of V8 action.

After he worked so hard all day, I decided I would drive him in the car instead so he could then stay for dinner, and not have a two hour train ride/walk to Geoff's house. We then decided it would be easier for Scarlett and I to both come, and just stay with him there and drive back in the morning via the airport and pick up Nana. Geoff wouldn't be home from work till tomorrow morning, so we let ourselves in, had shower's, and made a cuppa. After her shower Scarlett conned me into letting her watch 'Stargate', she had an hour sleep in the car on the way here so she wasn't tired like us. Shane and I were both buggered so by 9:30 it was off to bed for us all and we all fell straight asleep.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 87. Perth

Wet, Wild & Windy...

Today was a miserable day. Bec and Scarlett did some morning housework for Robyn, but when Bec tried to put out a load of washing, the heavens opened up and its ended up being an off and on affair all day ever since. Even the wind has picked up and there is a chill in the air tonight.

Today we finished packing our three boxes (to be sent back east), so I ducked out to visit Jayco in Perth to get a replacement power point that I found was playing up. The service I got was second to none as they were happy for me to do a straight swap. How simple was that?

While away, I got caught up in traffic as there was some heavy downpours and quite a few vehicle accidents on the road. The traffic was banked up for miles. I guess the West Australians have forgotten how to drive in the wet as they haven't really received that much this year yet.

On the way back I dropped into 'Bunnings' and bought a house TV antenna bracket that I'm hoping I can convert into a 'travel bracket' on the outside of the van for the satellite dish. Now that Nanna is only days away from arriving to join us on the next leg of our journey north to Exmouth, I really need to pull my finger out and find a place for this dish as its been 'resting' on the spare bunk bed when we travel up to this point. It's been annoying Bec anyway, so I might as well get the job done! (Hopefully it works).

I've also started sorting through my own gear as I'm disappearing from here tomorrow for the weekend. I'm off to Barbagello Raceway to support 'Kelly Racing' at this weekends V8 Supercar round over here in Western Australia! Go Rick! (not forgetting Todd, Greg and Dave of course). I've been invited to a 'Big Brekkie' with Kelly Racing on Friday morning, so I've convinced my mate Geoff to come along, as it also includes a pit tour of all 4 x pits that belong to the Kelly Racing Team; (Rick and Todd Kelly sponsored by Jack Daniels; Greg Murphy sponsored by Pepsi Max; and Dave Reynolds sponsored by Stratco). It should be a great weekend of motorsport for my team as they are coming off a race win for Rick Kelly, and also a few podiums from Rick and Todd in New Zealand! I'm staying with my mate Geoff who just lives around the corner from the racetrack. I can't wait.

Bec was kept busy doing housework today (sorry honey), and Scarlett was a champion as I have been told by good authorities that she helped her mum clean up, and busied herself by doing craft and watching movies when Bec didn't need any help.

Thank you both very much, as I feel as though I am the luckiest person in the world lately. I love you Bec, and I love you Scarlett. You two are the centre of my world, and I couldn't ever imagine doing this trip around Australia without either of you. xx

I would normally be a little worried about leaving Bec and Scarlett alone together in a strange place/house by themselves! But I'm sure they will be fine as Bec's mum Wendy turns up on Friday, who I'm 99% sure will smother them both with lots of hugs and kisses.

Wow! It'll be 89 days since we last saw the 'old girl'...


PS: Sorry as there are no photo's today. With the weather the way it is, and the 'nothing interesting thing happening', we just didn't get around to taking any....

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 86. Perth

A picnic in the park

This morning, Bec and I started tackling the van in earnest; getting it ready for the next leg of our journey. We went through every nook and cranny (i.e: cupboards and drawers) and ended up with about 3 x boxes full of excess gear that we found we just don't use or need. Our good friend Marty is helping us by sending this gear back to Brisbane through work channels; which is such a relief! Thanks mate.

We then headed into Perth and relaxed in a park situated on the southern bank of the Swan River. Here we enjoyed great picnic lunch. The day was terrific (weather wise), and the company outstanding. Robyn introduced us to a few of her girlfriends; who also joined us for the day. The girls 'chatted' for ages. Best thing of all was that the kids loved it here as the playground was huge! Then, before we knew it, it was late afternoon and time to head back to Waikiki.

On the way back, Marty introduced us to 'the spud shed'; a discount grocery wholesaler. Bec was in heaven and has vowed to return before we leave Perth to stock up the van before heading north.

Afterwards, Bec and I continued sorting out the van and Pajero while the kids helped Robyn prepare dinner... Another fabulous dinner (Roast this time),was enjoyed outside under the patio.

It was a simple day - with not to much happening for a change.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 85. Perth

Lest We Forget

Today is ANZAC day, a day for reflection and remembrance.

We started the day with a lovely brekkie. Robyn and Marty made us eggs benedict, it was soooo good. We ended up sitting around for so long, that it was then a mad dash to get Marty into town, to form up for his march. Shane didn't have his medals or uniform to march this year, it's the first ANZAC day he has ever missed. Marty will be marching today in Rockingham, so Robyn, myself and the girls all went along to watch.

Sophie, Robyn and Isabelle waiting for the parade
The crowds were great, there was clapping and cheering from everyone. We were by far the loudest though when Marty marched by, we were all so proud. The service was great, three jets did a fly-by that scared all the little ones, it reminded me of being back at work.

After the service we made our way to the Rockingham RSL for a great $10 lunch, and all you could drink beer. There we met up with our good mate Dave, who was my old flatmate back in Sydney. Robyn and the girls only stayed long enough to eat lunch, but then had to go home for a sleep. Shane and Scarlett stayed home having a very relaxing day (not quite - Shane tells me he and Scarlett installed the new Primus fridge/freezer we just bought in the Pajero, including the new wiring harness and the tie-downs so the thing is secured when travelling; who was to know?), and then in the afternoon they went to the movies to see 'Rio', the animated movie about a Blue Macaw in Brazil. They apparently loved it!

Marty and his girls


Marty, Dave and I spent the afternoon drinking at the RSL and swapping stories; it was just like the old days when we were all back in Sydney. It was there we spent many a Sunday session at the Chatswood RSL doing the same. When we finally got home Robyn had made a lovely fish pie for dinner, and the kids were all ready for bed. 

I would like to say a huge "Thank you" to all the troops currently serving our country in the Middle East, separated from their loved ones. Thank you to my wonderful husband Shane for the six months you served last year in Afghanistan for us all. And thank you to my good mate 'Woofy' who is currently over there serving six months away from his family right now, we miss you mate, keep your head down.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 84. Perth

Chocolate overload...

Happy Easter Everyone!

Scarlett with Nanna & Grumpy's easter parcel
Today we enjoyed our 'first' Easter away from friends and family! Although we had a great morning today, it still felt like something was missing - and as hard as it is for to me to admit it; that something was the 'Turners' - my in-laws...

It's just not the same being away from people that have 'grown on you' so to speak. We couldn't have asked for a better day, but I could tell that both Bec and Scarlett were missing family. We were lucky enough to skype with nanna, grumpy, Adam and Courtney; which I think both Bec and Scarlett really enjoyed. It was probably the highlight of both their days. Even Scarlett later said; "this is the loveliest day of my life".

Scarlett, Sophie and Isabelle woke at around 7am this morning and immediately went running through the house to see if 'Hop' the easter bunny had been to visit. Scarlett was eggstatic, as has not only the tooth fairy found her during her travels away from 'home', but she now believes the Easter Bunny has been following her too! They can be so innocent sometimes...

Shane reading Scarlett her easter card from Grandma
The kids ended up with heaps and heaps of chocolate eggs and bunnies; not to mention the chocolate Easter Bilbies that nanna Wendy sent them all too. Thanks Nanna, the kids loved them; not to mention all the other gifts you sent through. Scarlett was overwhelmed by her 'over the top' nanna and grumpy; what with the clothes, stickers and Transformers paraphernalia that she found in a great big box that had been sent to her. Also, thank you Grandma (Scarlett's great grandma Beryl) for the beautiful book that you sent Scarlett - she loves it and we read the first story to her tonight when she went to bed.

The day ended up being a very relaxing. Bec and I cooked bacon and eggs on the BBQ for everyone. It was a great morning outdoors, however we did end up having some heavy rain mid-morning that I believe was a very welcome change to our hosts; Marty and Robyn.

The day was mainly spent in front of the TV watching footy and sport, or outside playing with the kids. The girls ended up doing lots of craft; painting their eggs and making pictures in their scrapbooks from the stickers that nanna sent over.

Us adults enjoyed just a wee bit of chocolate (including the Ferrero Rocher - yum), and the occasional beer and wine. Marty and Robyn indulged us with a traditional swiss dinner using a Raclette Grille.This dish can be described as melted cheese eaten with boiled (or roasted) potatoes with small gherkins and pickled onions (and anything else you might want to experiment with). As we soon discovered, the raclette meal is quite easy to prepare using the simplest of ingredients and creats a festive and fun interactive evening.

Scarlett and Sophie

We loved it, and I have no doubt Bec will want to do one of these evenings once we return to the east Coast surrounded by family and friends.

One day I'm going to catch me that wascally wabbit...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 83. Perth

Hop on in...

Well no lovely sleep in today, they girls were all up and running around at 6am!!! I was wishing I had gone to bed before 11 last night. Bummer!

After a quick breaky we went for a walk up to the local park, but unfortunately the camera's SD card was left in the computer so no photo's Arghhhhh.. We'll take them there again for sure, as there are lots of great dinosaur statues, Scarlett loved it.

Scarlett and "Waggs"

Robyn, Marty and the girls had a birthday party to go to today,and they asked Scarlett if she would like to go with them. There was no asking her twice, she had a party dress on and was in the car in about 5 seconds. Shane and I then took off to buy a new fridge for the back of the car, as our Engel is just too unreliable to take up north.

We went into the camping shop and picked out a fridge/freezer combo, we haggled $130 off the price and were out of there in about 10min flat. Next was Supercheep (20% off today) to get some diesel engine oil, an oil filter and diesel fuel additive to take with us. Shane is going to attempt to do his own oil change, good luck babe!

Into Bunnings next, sausage sandwich on way in, free Easter egg at checkout and free hot cross bun on way out. Thank you very much! Last and worst of all was the Rockingham Shopping Mall where we had to grab some grog and last minute provisions, OMG this place was even more insane than the last mall I visited. Once upon a time I loved going to the mall, now I dread it.

When we got home and Robyn and the rest of the circus arrived, we decide to give the guys a break and take the girls to the movies to see "Hop", and they really enjoyed it. Scarlett was up dancing at the end, it was such a great sound track and a fitting movie for the day before Easter. On the way home we called into the local showground to check out the local Easter show. The girls were really disappointed as we decided $9 was too expensive for any rides. The kids were heartbroken as they left without going on anything.

I cooked 'butter chicken' tonight and it seemed to go down really well. The kids had home made pizza and we sat outside in the great weather while enjoying a few drinks and laughs. We are so lucky to have such great friends, but it makes me miss all mine back home even more.

Sophie, Isabelle and Marty reading bedtime books

Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 82. Perth

Heading south again...

As today was our last day with Geoff and Lachlan, Bec thought it would be nice to for us to cook them up a nice hot breakfast; so she showed me where the kitchen was and left me to it! What the??? I ended throwing together fried eggs, bacon, hash browns and toasted rolls/toast. We soon devoured the lot, and I then quickly left and proceeded outside to pack the car ready for our move down to Robyn's place.

In the distance I soon heard Bec and Geoff cursing me when they found out the state I had left the kitchen in. It may of been a small victory for me (as I was left to my own devices in the kitchen), but I savoured the moment and enjoyed the sweetness of having others clean up after me!

Sooty Owl, scarlett and Shane

After the Pajero was fully packed, we headed off to the Caversham Wildlife Park which is located at the beginning of the Swan Valley just on the outskirts of Perth. We had heard great feedback about this place, and if the car park was anything to go by, we were in for a good day.

Golden Brushtail Possum with Scarlett, Lachlan, and Bec

We arrived just in time to meet a few of the local wildlife critters at the 'Meet the Wombat' show, and I was impressed from the very beginning as they had a Sooty Owl who we were allowed to get up close and personal with. Scarlett and I had to get a photo with him!

Wombat & Keeper, sharing a moment with us!
This place is great for the kids; as there is heaps of hands on things to do. we really enjoyed the day, even though the temp was just over 35deg. After looking around for a bit, we all enjoyed a well earned ice cream before heading over to the 'Farm Show' where we watched the dogs 'muster' the sheep, shearing demonstrations, cow milking (which both Lachlan and Scarlett had a go at), and whip-cracking; where Bec was in her glory as she was picked from the crowd to give it a go.

Before we knew it, it was time to go. We said some very sad goodbyes to Geoff and Lachlan as they have been the most amazing hosts. Thanks guys for a great time and helping us explore the wonders of Perth; we had a great time.

Lachlan with Skippy

We then headed south to Waikiki to stay with Robyn and her family for the next week (before heading north from Perth and continuing our journey around Australia). When we arrived, Marty and Robyn piled us all into their own Pajero and whisked us down to Mandurah for Fish 'n Chips in the park by the marina for a beautiful sunset dinner. (Well it is Good Friday after all, and Fish is the order of the day).

What a great way to finish the day!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 81. Perth

A day with the fishes
Naturaliste Marine Centre

We decided to pay Geoff back by giving him some time alone to do some personal admin by taking the kids out today. The kids decided they would like to go to the Aquarium of WA - 'AQWA', located at Hillary's Boat Harbour. So we packed the swimmers; camera and lunch, and then headed off for the day.

We got to Hillary's a little early and found out that the aquarium wasn't open yet, so we did a quick tour of the 'Naturaliste Marine Discovery Centre'  that we found just next door. This centre is home to the WA Fisheries' Department; and the kids got to see tanks where they were breeding different fish species, as well as having a look through the glass walls into the scientists laboratory's to watch them work. It was really interesting.
We then took a stroll through the mall, which houses the many boutique shops at Hillary's. Scarlett was very impressed with the crystal shop, and it was hard saying no to her with all the beautiful stuff in there. Hillary's has a beach and water park too, although these were filling up quickly with today being the first day of the WA school holidays.

AQWA was great! We all had a ball. The exhibits looked so natural and the range of not only fish, but jelly fish, weedy sea dragons, sharks and rays was amazing. We spent hours going through the whole place. The place was amazing; with the colours of the different fish species and the size of the giant rays.

Baby Crocodile
We found a heap of ray's outside in an open pool that the kids could take off their shoes and sit on the edge and dangle their feet into. Before long the curious creatures were coming over and swimming close by, letting them get close enough to even have a little pat. It excited them so much to be able to touch them, I was in awe of how game the kids were letting their feet hang in; and leaning over to pat them as they slowly slid by.


Saying "G'day" to a Ray

The weather was really heating up. We did plan to hit the beach, but Lachlan asked  if we could go to his local pool instead. I was keen as it was indoors and getting out of the sun was a good idea for the kids who I think had a little too much on Tuesday at Rottnest Island. 

They took in their snorkel and goggles and rode around, and around, and around, in the whirlpool a million times. Shane took in a heap of travel magazines, and read while I popped up to Coles to grab a few things for dinner. I was only meant to be gone for 30min, but you wouldn't believe it as I couldn't find the car when I came out. After another 30min of panic running around the car park, I was convinced it had been stolen. I finally found it. Shane is still laughing!

We all made it back home safe and sound, but very tired so it was a lazy afternoon in front of the TV watching movies, with risotto for dinner and early to bed.

Grey Nurse Shark eyeing Lachlan and Shane

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 80. Perth

A day enjoying some 'us' time...

Lachlan wanted to 'cook' breakfast for everyone this morning, but he wouldn't let on what he had planned. We gathered around the table eagerly awaiting what surprise he had in store for us, as he busily cooked what we hoped would be a culinary feast! After a short wait, we were rewarded with what can only be described as a masterpiece! Brought out before us on our own individual plates were stacks of pancakes generously drizzled with maple syrup and topped with not one, but two scoops of creamy vanilla ice cream. (sorry no photo's are available as we were too busy devouring our 'breakfast'). Thank you very much mate, we really did enjoy your breakfast! Yummy!

Geoff insisted that he take Scarlett and Lachlan for the day and that Bec and I should take off and check out what Perth has to offer. After careful consideration, and much deep thinking, Bec and I were out the door before anyone had a chance to finish their pancakes!

I took Bec straight into Perth City to check out the shopping mall's and arcades; as she really hasn't experienced real 'shopping' for quite some time now. We went from shop to shop, and Bec so wanted to buy everything in sight. I must admit that I was very impressed with her will power as she didn't buy much at all; clothing for Scarlett and Easter shopping was all she really did.

After a while we both noticed the increasing number of people. It was obviously around lunch time, as people were everywhere; especially where food courts were located. I was feeling a little overwhelmed (as I'm sure Bec was too), and we decided to head out of the city and find a more sedate place to find some lunch and just have some 'us' time. On the way back to the car, we found a quiet little cafe/bar that served lunches, so we went in to investigate. We found a nice table in the corner and ordered lunch. We have now discovered "Lamb Shank Rolls" - a type of sausage roll that is filled with all the delights of a lamb shank meal. The meat inside was sooo tender, and there was even mint sauce and veg etc inside. Bec loved it so much that when she gets a chance next, she wants to try and make this dish! I can't wait!

I bought myself some new TEVA sandals the other day, and it just so happens that where I parked was across the road from the 'Wellington Army Surplus Store' again. We went in to have a look, and Bec walked out with her own brand new set of TEVA sandals! They are just so comfortable...

Next we headed over to King's Park. This place overlooks the City of Perth and the Swan River. The botanical gardens are amazing, and the panoramic views from the various lookouts were superb! The WA State War Memorial is also located in King's Park, so we took some time out to visit this memorial and reflect on the past sacrifices made by so many brave Australian servicemen...

After a great day out we then returned back to Joondalup, and discovered what mischief Scarlett, Lachlan and Geoff got themselves into today. They also had a great day just taking some time out, and walking up to the shops to get an ice cream (or two). Apparently they were also a little spoiled by Geoff and enjoyed a 'feast' of doughnuts for lunch!

Bec and I really enjoyed our time together today. It was great just to have some time to ourselves for a change, and Geoff's offer to look after Scarlett for the day was very much appreciated.

Thanks mate!