Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 57. Bremer Bay

A beautiful and memorable sunset...

6am - Shane's wake up!
My sleep is broken by the the morning call of an Osprey (a type of sea eagle). The Osprey calls out again and again! It's music to my ears, and I think to myself; "I really could get use to waking up to this every morning".

6:05am - Rebecca's wake up!
BLOODY BIRDS! Will I ever get to sleep in?

Another magical morning in Bremer Bay. Scarlett's up by 7:05am, but keeps quiet and plays in her bed by herself until after 7:30am. She lets us know that she's up by calling out; "The suns up - wake up mum and dad!"

A nice and relaxing morning! I know I could get use to this. Bremer Bay has been fantastic! The weather, the coastline, and the company I've shared the experience with!

This morning we have decided to head over to the "Fitzgerald River National Park", and take our swimming gear to hit the waves at Point Ann - a local hot spot for spotting Southern Right Whales during the calving season every winter. Unfortunately for us, its the wrong time of year, but we wanted to have a look at this 'Biosphere'.

Well... about 80 km's later following dirt tracks and the worst corrugated roads imaginable, we made it! The drive out was certainly a shake up, as even trying to talk was impossible. We couldn't hear each other over the shaking vehicle around us, but we would try and talk and all we were able to do was a kind of weird stutter that really did sound like we were stuttering. Scarlett loved it! She was in stitches! By the time we stopped, my body ached, my arms were tingling, and my hands and fingers had pins and needles.

The views were magic, but there were a few Rips on the beach so we didn't want to risk a swim. Scarlett was not impressed! So we went for a walk along the beach instead, and followed it into 'Mary's Inlet', where we followed all sorts of animal tracks. Bec took a photo of a 'King's Skink' (about 30cm long) that was found lazing around inside the local camp toilet.

After morning tea, we headed back the way we came. We stopped to take a photo or two of Mt Bland and West Mt Barren, when what should take off in flight beside the Pajero - but 6 to 8 Short-billed (White tailed) Black Cockatoos! They screeched and squawked and made a hell of a racket as they took off, but they were still beautiful. A rare treat indeed, and who would of guessed that they would be at the exact spot we decided to stop to take photo's?

A late lunch was had back at the van, and all Bec and I wanted to do was sleep as we were very sore after our morning exploring - but Scarlett had other ideas. We ended up doing glitter glue paintings, playing hiding go seek, and even a game or two of tag! I eventually talked her into coming inside to watch some cartoons (so I was able to steal a little rest), before Bec had us packed and out the door to continue exploring! What the...?

We found a great lookout at the top of a hill at the end of a dirt track which had an assortment of communication antennas on it.The views were superb, and we discovered some very large sand dunes further inland than we would of expected, but it was getting late, and the surrounding countryside was looking very misty and a little grey.

Bec wanted us to head back to our beach outside the caravan park we are staying to watch the sunset for the last time here; with a bottle of Champagne while enjoying camembert and crackers. On the way back, we detoured and found a great little roadhouse that served up local fish and chips.... Why not! So we soon forgot about the crackers and cheese, and opted for some hot local tucker instead! So.... 10 minutes later we found ourselves back down the beach with table 'n chairs enjoying local fish, scallops and chips; accompanied with a great bottle of champagne! And we made it back in time to watch a fantastic final sunset in Bremer Bay!


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