Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 37. Ceduna

Another Grey Day in Ceduna

After another wet rainy night, we woke to grey skies and a cold breeze.

A yummy breakfast of honey on crumpets, cereal, and hot tea we were off to a local wildlife rescue centre (all self funded) to see what animals were being treated and cared for.

We arrived at the address provided by the Information Centre, and were met by a beautiful little Western Grey Kangaroo. The wildlife carer was busy cleaning up after spending a few days away, and the animals were keeping her very busy. She explained her background in caring for the animals. Next were two young Southern Hairy Nose Wombats that were just gorgeous. The younger of the two was very active and running around all over the place, while the older one was very sedate and loved being held and cuddled. We soon discovered that they had a liking for thongs!

After learning all about these two very likable little girls, we then went to the outside pen where we met a very handsome male Western Red Kangaroo. This little chap is starting to get to a size that will soon be difficult to manage, and apparently all kangaroos in care in SA need to be 'snipped' so that they aren't as aggressive or territorial. There was also two Dama Wallabies that were still very 'flighty' as they hadn't been in care for long.

We were then introduced to a male Common Wombat who has turned quite aggressive ever since a number of local children broke into the property and either killed or tormented the animals in care. This guy is still suffering quite a bit of agitation from the experience, and literally runs at the fence whenever he sees children and tries to bite them. Another animal in care - a Galah - is so traumatised that the little guy has been pulling his own feathers out and 'freaks out' when people are near.

We also met a couple of Bearded Dragons, two Sleepy Lizards (aka: Shinglebacks), and a Brush-Tailed Possum.

Our visit was highlighted with the showing of two very young little Southern Hairy Nose Wombats that were only a few months old. These two were definitely the highlight of the tour as we all got to hold them. They are so funny looking with no hair! After a bottle feed, we went back to the two kangaroos and Scarlett was able to bottle feed both of these little guys. She had a ball.

This place is normally opened to the public between 10:30 to 11:30am most days, but by the time Bec, Scarlett and I left it was nudging 1pm. We made a donation as this is the only form of funding people like her get as none of it is supported by government funding. It was a great morning that I can highly recommend to anyone visiting Ceduna - as there really isn't a lot to do here.

I then dropped off the Pajero for a much needed service, and was surprised on the personal service given, as they dropped me back off to the caravan park (Big 4), and came and picked me up again when it was ready. I was very happy with the personal touch that was given, as they even brought my car service ahead one day after I contacted them to let them know that we were in town.

The rest of the afternoon was spent driving around town checking out the local lookouts, the memorial erected to the lost men and women at sea, and a visit to the Ceduna Jetty - that ended short when Scarlett fell over running along it and hurt herself pretty bad (so much so that she couldn't walk). We also found a sports shop and bought Scarlett some new Ascics runners, and Reefer thongs - both with great arch support which Scarlett is in desperate need of.

Bec finished her afternoon by joining the local grey nomads here at the caravan park during "Happy Hour". Drinks and canapes were the order of the day, and Bec really enjoyed the socialising! Scarlett and I soon joined her, and it was a really nice experience. Bec said she will have to make a point of joining in with other 'nomads' during our travels, she enjoyed it that much!


  1. I thought you said you were going to have some photos of some cute little wombats in todays post????
    Hope you're having a great time and appreciating the wonders of this great country of ours!

  2. Figures, the pictures come up after I've posted my comment!!!!

  3. I can see the resemblance in the first photo though, and if you haven't worked it out already it's Woofy posting the comments!!

  4. Hey, we made it. Love reading it every day.