Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 31. Elliston to Venus Bay

Best Bread Ever!

We had a lovely sleep in to 8:30am today. With quick scrambled eggs on toast, we packed up and moved on. We only had about 50kms to cover today, so there was no need to hurry. We got a tip about an honesty unmanned road side bakery, in a shed about 20kms up the road. We found it and stopped, and could not believe there is still such trust out there. There was fresh baked bread, rolls and sticky buns in an open tin hut, outside a house, on the side of the road, with a tin to put your money in. We got a bag of sticky buns and a multigrain cob loaf. Everything was $3.50, and I was wishing I had more change, I would have brought more. We got stuck into the sticky buns before the tyres even started rolling, and they were so fresh, soft and yummy.

Honesty Bakery

We decided to take a side road out to the ‘Talia Caves’. It was 5kms of rough dirt road, and I could see the look on Shane’s face that it had better be worth it! The first cave was the ‘Woolshed’. It’s a large cavern carved into the granite cliff by wave action. We went down wooden steps to the rocks below to view the honeycombed ceiling, dark crevices, and blowholes. It really was a sight. We walked right into it, and then explored the rock pools and watched the smashing waves outside. We even found a big orange clawed crab in a rock pool, so we did what anyone would do and grabbed a stick and poked it out.

'Woolshed Cave'

The Crab

The next site was ‘The Tub’ a large crater in the cliff, with a tunnel connection to the sea. It’s 30mtrs deep, and 50mtr across with a granite base. We found a wild bee hive attached to its wall, the honey smelled so good, we dared not get too close though. Beyond the tub is a dramatic cliff face that you can see all the way along down to the coast. The ocean is so wild here, if you fell in you would be a major trouble. The waves were crashing so high, a spectacular sight.

'The Tub'

'The Tub'

We decided to crack open the loaf of fresh bread
we got from the roadside bakery for lunch, and just cut some big thick slices with butter and peanut butter on it. I recon it was the best bread I have ever had and the yummiest lunch Shane recons he’s just about ever had. How easy was that! God I wish I had of bought more loaves.

We made our way out to Venus Bay Caravan Park. I got a tip from skipper Pete on the ‘Princess II’ (the shark dive boat) about this bay, Peter comes here all the time. We were not disappointed; the caravan park is right on the beach and really cheap at $24 a night for a powered site. Unfortunately It’s really windy here today so there was not much exploring, just a short walk down the jetty and a play in the playground. Apparently the fishing here is awesome, that’s so long as you can get your catch up before ‘Fred’ the resident sea lion doesn’t grab it first.

Scarlett and the pelican

There are some really huge pelicans here. Scarlett decided to wash the shells she collected down the beach at the fish cleaning station. Within 10min she had about 20 x huge pelicans surrounding her, and she was screaming out for help. It was too funny! I did come to the rescue eventually, only after grabbing the camera first. Some grey nomads did let us know later that they can get a bit aggressive, and have been known to bite. With them standing as tall as Scarlett, I suppose I better keep an eye on her.


After a slack tea of leftovers this evening (and more of the amazing fresh bread) we decided to brave the wind and cold and take Scarlett down to the jetty for a quick fish. She had been pestering us all day since everyone was constantly telling us how good the fishing was here. Well it was freezing, the wind was blowing and the fish weren’t biting…. We hung in there for about an hour before convincing her to let us come back.

It wasn’t a complete loss I suppose, Scarlett did have a good time.

P.S – Scarlett lost her second tooth this morning at breakfast. Thank goodness, it was grossing us all out hanging in her mouth sideways. Shane had to ring Tinkerbell this evening to get her to pass on a message to the tooth fairy that Scarlett was in Venus Bay and not at home tonight, so she can find her. She looks so cute with her two front bottom teeth now missing.

2nd Tooth gone

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