Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 46. Esperance

Rain rain go away, we can't stay cooped up another day!

Well it's raining still.... We came to Esperance to swim at the amazing beaches and experience the crystal blue water and purest white sands in W.A. - this is obviously is not to be. We did head out this morning to take Scarlett to putt putt golf, only to find out it's only open school holidays, Scarlett was very disappointed.

We braved the rain and the cold to explore the 'Don Mackenzie Waterfront Gardens' next door. These are a lovely native garden on the waterfront, with views across to the ship loading wharf where they load up with grain. There were two massive ships in getting loaded up, it was quite a site. There was a lovely miniature light house with some funny inhabitants living up the top.

 Adjoining the gardens is an adventure playground that would be so nice if the winds hadn't blown half the equipment over. The council were there trying to repair it, so unfortunately it was closed also. We did find a lovely gazebo with a marble whale and marble carved fence that was amazing. There is also a clock tower here that plays the most lovely music every hour after it chimes. We are praying the weather improves by Saturday as there is a miniature steam train that runs around the parks exterior. It does rides for the little people and there is a huge local produce market supposed to be on too.

Scarlett and Shane had a great time as they both raced each other through the maze while I watched and took photo's from the viewing platform. Then they ran rings around the huge deserted skate park. We decided to take a break and let Scarlett feed the ducks (we had some old bread in the car). Still being a little gun shy after the black swan and pelican incident, she was a little hesitant. When the ducks saw the bread they all came running to her. Well she ran, and they ran, and Shane and I nearly fell over with laughter. Scarlett didn't see the funny side, I was spewing I didn't catch it all on camera.
This place must be a buzz in school holidays, there is so much here to entertain the kids here, unfortunately it's all outside.

We went and got a timetable from the local cinema. I have decided to take Scarlett to see 'Ringo' on Saturday to give Shane some quiet time to watch the V8's. This is the only children's movie on here at the moment, and there are no daytime screenings till Saturday, they are all after 7pm at night till then.

We decided to let Scarlett have McDonald's for lunch, so she could play in the playground. We had a cuppa and watched the news on their TVs and read the paper. We were here for over an hour she was having so much fun.

Shane and I have been doing washing all afternoon, we haven't had a chance to do any since before we crossed the Nullabour. The machines at Kalgoorlie were used by the miners for their clothes, so I wasn't game to do it there. The machines here are so cheap, at $2 a load and the dryers are only $1 for an hour, that's a total bargain. We have been going hard all afternoon, doing all the sheets, dona covers, towels and any other clothing that can be thrown into the dryer.

Scarlett has been such a little trooper. She has been doing craft all afternoon making pictures to decorate Nana's bed for when she joins us in a few weeks. There isn't much spare wall space left in her bunk already.

P.S - The date loaf turned out great, Shane loved it.

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