Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 34. Baird Bay to Streaky Bay

Feral Cat Tracks

Finally Some Kids! Yay!

Lizard Tracks

It got a little cold last night, and I'm thinking I should lap it up with the Perth heat wave we are heading into. The campsite became home for two cars of backpackers from Germany last night, and they partied until 1:00am, who would have thought our camp in the middle of anywhere would see this kind of action.

Scarlett made friends with a lovely lady behind us in our camp and they went for a walk down to the beach to collect shells. I took the chance and went for a walk up to the lookout and along the sand dues to check out the millions of new animal tracks from last night. I saw so many feral cat tracks, it seems they are everywhere lately and a real problem.

Scarlett making Shell Pictures with the lady next door

We weren't sure if we were going to head off today or stay another night so we had a late brekkie and decided to go for a walk out to the heads and see if we could track down the local seal and dolphin population. We found heaps of crabs, shells and birds but no seals or dolphins. After walking about an hour we decided it was a trip for the 4x4 along the beach, and we would have to pass on it for now and head the hour back.

Scarlett cracked it at the hour and a half mark and wanted to be carried. I was impressed she made it this far, so I gave here a piggy back ride and when my back gave out it was onto Shane's shoulders she went. When we got back it was two minute noodles for lunch and we realised we were just about out of water, so the decision was then made to move onto Streaky Bay. Scarlett was so bored over the last few days out here with no kids she was starting to drive us nuts.

With a quick pack-up we were off and within the hour pulling into Streaky Bay. We hadn't even got the van unhitched and Scarlett came running over with a little girl her age holding hands with smiles from ear to ear. There is a family just across from us with three young girls, Scarlett was in heaven and we were left alone to unpack and settle in. We all went across to the beach where the girls played happily for hours and I had a good talk to their mother. Turns out they are from TAS and are on a three month trip up the west coast and top end. Unfortunately they leave tomorrow, but the girls have been playing for hours so we will make the most of it.

Dinner was a chicken stir fry then an ice cream from the parks kiosk. We did a lap around the park checking out every ones set up, and particularly their aerials. We haven't had much TV reception over the last couple of weeks, so we are considering other options. I will pay just about anything for good TV, I can live without some things but of an evening I love to sit down and watch the news. Shane and I have no idea what is going on in the world, we didn't even know about the NZ earth quake until two days later....
Shane decided a hair cut was in order today

Preparations are starting for our Nullabour crossing. We are getting the Pajero serviced at Ceduna next week and I am making up a menu so I can have everything purchased before we go, food will be hard to get and expensive and I need to take into account the quarantine crossing into W.A. too.

We just wanted to say we are missing everyone heaps back home and want you all to know we are thinking about you all the time and wondering how everyone is.

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