Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 35. Streaky Bay

Bec's Beach...

A glass sea, and no breeze! That's what we woke to this morning. Beautiful! However, we've been warned that the day will reach 35 degrees (the hottest since we left NSW), so we did some much needed maintenance (washing). Our gear dryed in no time, so we thought we'd check out Streaky Bay, and then go for a small day trip around the Cape Bauer loop drive.

First stop the Shell Roadhouse to get some much needed diesel, and to visit their information shop. Fuel here has been the dearest so far - at $1.599 per litre, Ouch! Inside we found the World's Largest Great White Shark ever caught on a fishing line, This guy weighed in at over 1500kgs and was more than 5 metres long. And to think he was caught on a 24kg fishing rig!

I still find it hard to belive that my wife - Rebecca - was swimming with sharks this size less than a week ago!

Scarlett and Nemo

Next, we went on the Cape Bauer loop drive that is just outside Streaky Bay. First stop was Halley's Beach. This has some of the best beach fishing in Australia. We decided to stop here for lunch, and splash around in the water (which was crazy as the water was freezing!).

Bec- before heading down the steps to the beach!

Now thats cold!

Bec and Scarlett heading down the steps!
Then it was off to the Whistling Rocks and the Blow Hole. It was just a little walk along a well prepared boardwalk, but you certainly start to feel it after walking up and down the steps at the cliff and over the sand dunes! We're feeling just a little tender this evening. I know that Scarlett was over the first 1000 steps or so going down, and didn't want to think about the trip heading back to the car! The air was still so there was no Whsitling Rocks, and we found the seas so calm at the moment that the Blow Hole isn't working. It didn't diminsh the experience though as the area is fantastic!

Scarlett not wanting to face the walk back up the steps

The landscape all along the South Australian coast is breathtaking. Its raw and natural isolation leaves you spellbound by its sheer beauty. You can't help but take in the sites, and it feels like everytime we turn around we have to take another photo.
We stopped at Cape Bauer next, and stood at the top of the cliffs looking down at the Great Southern Ocean. The water is crystal clear that you can see the bottom and drop off's just past the waterline.

Cape Bauer

 On the way back to Streaky Bay, we found a little sandy track leading off the main dirt road and decided to check it out. We haven't done any serious off roading yet, so it was good to put the Pajero into 4wd for a change and get into the soft sand. We followed the track down behind the sand dunes and came across a Bonza little beach that Bec loved from the minute she saw it. The water was so calm, that we watched the whiting swimming around just out of reach. Bec declared the beach hers, and named it 'Bec's Beach'. We pulled out the awning from the car as it was getting very warm by this stage, and went for a swim and snorkel - it was amazing! Scarlett loved it and wasn't happy when we said it was time to head back.

Bec declaring the beach hers!

Scarlett and Shane snorkelling

Becs Beach

After some cool refreshing showers, we headed off to the Streaky Bay Hotel for dinner. This was
a real treat, as since we left home we haven't 'eaten out' for dinner at all. We indulged; Lamb Shanks and veg on mash for Bec, Calamari and chips for Scarlett, and I went for the Seafood Catch (whiting fillets, tasmanian scallops, prawns, calamari and chips). Then, it was time for dessert! Bec went for the Malteaser Cake slice, Scarlett enjoyed Icecream and snakes with strawberry topping, and I had to have the Violet Crumble Cake! Mmmm! Yummy! This was all followed with a few quiet drinks on the deck watching the sunset!

What a way to finish the day!

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