Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 49. Esperance

A hole in one!

More rain! We had such high hopes today that the rain would be gone and we would wake to a bright and clear day, but unfortunately 'Mother Nature' had other plans.

Bec was devastated, as she was really looking fwd to visiting the local markets this morning and strolling through the park looking through all the stalls. All Scarlett wanted to do was go to Putt Putt Golf! I on the other hand was quite happy to lay back and spend the day sipping on the occasional ale while watching the V8's do battle in Adelaide via the new satellite TV.

The rain eased off around 9:30am, so we climbed in the Pajero and went down to the local park to see if the markets were on. We found the park, and went exploring. Scarlett found the Poultry Societies' stall; who were selling every breed of chickens and ducks imaginable. Although she soon disappeared from our view, it wasn't hard to find her; playing with the day old chicks.

Meanwhile Bec went wandering and soon returned with a new "tooth fairy pillow" for Scarlett; as she has already lost her two front bottom teeth since starting our journey around Australia.

Scarlett desperately wanted to get her face painted, so she opted to spend her weekly pocket money on this little treat for herself. Scarlett chose a beautiful little Tiara for her forehead, and cascading flowers down her right arm. She absolutely loved them and proudly showed them off to anyone who payed her any attention.Afterwards, she couldn't help herself and ran back to play with the day old chicks again!

After the markets, we headed over to the indoor putt putt golf centre, and Scarlett and I played a round of golf. It was not a competitive game, as we didn't even worry about a score card, but I'm sure by the time we left we must of both been about 50+ over par, but I must admit that Scarlett did get 1 x hole in one!

After a very lazy lunch in town where Scarlett crashed some kids birthday party, we headed back to the van to relax and get some minor jobs out of the way. During this time, Scarlett 'skyped' her Nana; who she has been missing like crazy!

We then returned back to the Jetty to look for 'Sammy' the sea lion, but unfortunately he was nowhere to be seen. We searched high and low and even went walking along the beach to see if he was hiding behind some rocks. Nope! No sign of the little guy, but it was good to get back out of the van and walk along the beach again...

I finished my day watching Rick Kelly come in second to Jamie Whincup, but I was more than impressed that Kelly Racing had finally mad it onto the podium so early into the season. Woo Hoo!

Scarlett 'skyped' her best mate Connor, and Bec received a phone call from her mate Robyn who lives just south of Perth who we hope to visit during our travels. Bec then made a great satay for dinner that we had outside the van while enjoying the closing part of another day in paradise.

It was cool outside as their was a slight breeze, but at least it wasn't raining and the clouds look as though they are breaking up.

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