Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 54. Jerramungup to Bremer Bay

A Little Jewel in WA's crown

We were up during the night spotlighting for small possums. Shane woke me at 4am alerting me to the fact that there were small possums running all over the roof. After going outside with a torch and looking around, the poor bugger didn't see a thing. So after our little night time adventure, we all had a little sleep in till 8'o'clock - even Scarlett. I decided since we had fresh bread (a little rare) that I would do a cook up of mushrooms and eggs for breakfast, it was so good.

We were the last in the free camp to leave this morning, pretty usual for us lately as there never seems to be any hurry anymore. Scarlett had already been outside and said goodbye to the little mate she made yesterday, and was already starting to ask; were there going to be kids and a pool at today's camp? We headed off; planning to go to a station in the Fitzgerald River National Park to camp. When we got no answer on the phone, we decided to go into Bremer Bay (On the parks outskirts) to have a little look around while waiting for them to call back.

Bremer Bay is absolutely lovely; it's the kind of place you could happily retire at and watch the world go by. We spoke to the lady at one of the caravan parks and she told me the rate was $42 a night - a little steep, but we could understand why. We were so in love with this place, but so close to the end if this weeks budget we decided to call the second park and just find out what their rate was. Shane made the call and was happy to find out that they wouldn't charge for Scarlett and it was only $30 a night. Bargain!

The Bremer Bay Caravan Park is not as new as the other one, but is right on the beach, and has huge grassy sites with big trees creating heaps of shade. Shane and I immediately fell in love with this park, and have now decided to stay at least three nights. Scarlett's also keen as the park's owner gave her a bag of lollies when we arrived, there's a great playground, and kids to play with too.

Scarlett painting little seed pods this afternoon
Shane got his satellite dish working straight away; and the V8's and F1 I have since been told are on all weekend, so not much chance of him moving on now anyway. We moved the TV outside this afternoon to watch the race as it was such a lovely afternoon. We could also see Scarlett in the park at the same time. I tell you I may never leave!

Watching V8's outside
After a yummy BBQ dinner, we decided to go for a walk down to the beach. Scarlett was so busy all afternoon, but was now finally up for it. The bay is beautiful, and there was a wonderful sunset. The water was so mild, if I had my swimmers on I would have gone in for sure. You can drive down onto this beach, and we have decided to bring the car and dinner down tomorrow night. Depending on the racing schedule tomorrow we may, or may not, get into the national park, will keep you posted....


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