Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 29. Port Lincoln

She's back!

I woke nice and early this morning as I didn't know when Bec was going to call to get picked up. Scarlett was still asleep, so I took the opportunity (like all good husbands) to do a quick clean up before she returned.

I got a message on my phone at 8am saying "I'm ready to be picked up". So I woke my sleeping daughter from her sleep and dragged her down to the marina in her PJ's to go and get mum.

We went onboard to retrieve Bec, and was lucky enough to meet all the crew involved in Bec's adventure. I must say that I was very impressed with the whole set up and also extremely jealous! However this was Bec's dream and I am not 'silly' enough to get in her way.

Bec was absolutely glowing and couldn't stop showing Scarlett and me 'this' or pointing out 'that'. It was obvious that she was in her element, and I was very glad to see she had a great time. After saying farewll to all onboard, Scarlett and I dragged Bec (very reluctantly mind you), away from her adventure and back to reality.

We returned to the van and Bec was surprised to find out that I hadn't planned anything for the day. I figured she would need some down time, and Scarlett wasn't going to leave her alone anyway!

Scarlett had a surprise for Bec! While Bec was away playing with gummy sharks, I had to do some maintenance ot the van, so I went shopping with Scarlett in tow. In one particular shop, Scarlett 'begged' me to buy mummy a present - which I did of course! well the time had come and Scarlett was bursting to give her mum 'her' present. Bec was very surprised to be receiving a gift from Scarlett, and I think she was blown away with the gift once she unwrapped it. Scarlett had chosen a ceramic figurine of a Humpback whale mother and baby, and when Bec opened it, Scarlett explained that the mummies name was 'Rebecca', and the baby was named 'Scarlett'. Wow! Bec actually got all teary and I think she was genuinely touched by Scarlett's love and what she had chosen as a present. It was a kodak moment, so I took a photo!

The rest of the day was spent looking at hundreds of photo's of sharks and reading Bec's daily diary of her trip away. (I think Bec has re-written her adventure diary style in this blog so that she can share her wonderful experience).

Ohhh. And fighting with Scarlett as we now had to share mummy now that she was back!

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