Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 48. Esperance

Dot Sticker Art
All about the kids

Crab and lobsters
The 'Wind Festival' was in full swing in town today, so we made an extra effort to be up and out of the van by 9. This was amazing for us. First stop was the local farmers fresh produce market. Scarlett was especially impressed with the fresh king crabs and rock lobsters, they were huge. There was local honey, olives, baked goods and so much more, it was a gourmet delight.

We took Scarlett across to the park for a train ride, only to find it was too early. To kill some time we had a cuppa and fruit toast at the jetty cafe, where there were some kids playing in the cafes playground. Shane and I had a lovely quite chat together, a rare treat these days. It didn't take long for Scarlett to notice when the miniature train rides started up, so it was off again. Shane and Scarlett went for a ride around the park on the train while I waited on the park bench. The park is so huge, they were gone for over 20 min, not bad value for $2.

Today was all about the kids, there were so many free activities available. Scarlett and I got straight into the circus training, I twirled the poi and she balanced plates on a stick. It was so much fun, Scarlett nearly took me out with her poi when she had a go, the girl is dangerous. Bubble blowing was next, there were so many types of wands and the bubbles were huge. It was then onto some woodwork with hammering bottle tops into wood and making all kinds of things. We then did some dot stickers, they had a huge white wall and millions of coloured dots in all sizes. The kids were sticking them everywhere, making patterns and pictures.

Circus Training

Scarlett's pin wheel
We then spent most of our time in the recycle section making a jewelry box with wheels, I am so proud of Scarlett, she is so creative. I'm telling you today's craft was huge, we haven't done this much craft together for ages. There was play dough, flower arranging, origami (Scarlett made a great dog), and pin wheel making. The rest of the time was spent back in the recycle section again making the most elaborate barbie doll house you have ever seen. It's 8'o'clock and she is still working on it, it's a masterpiece!


We managed to dragged her away after four hours, and went back to the van for lunch. Scarlett and I then decided to give Shane some man time to watch the V8's, and went to see a movie together. We saw 'Rango' and it was hilarious! We both enjoyed it heaps.
Flower Arranging

After the movie we went back to the park that was still filled with kids, and played in the playground. Another fun run through the maze, and we decide to go down to the wharf and see if 'Sammy' the seal was around. Sure enough under the jetty at the fish cleaning station was Sammy, he had been here both times we have called down just like the tourist pamphlets all say. We walked the length of the jetty which is about 1km long and back, then decided we deserved an ice cream for our effort from the van.

Today was an excellent day with Scarlett, it was all about her. She was so good the last couple of days cooped up the in van, she totally deserved it.

The Barbie House

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