Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 53. Hyden (Wave Rock) to Jerramungup

Riding the wave!

Bec woke nice and early to get some sunrise photos of Wave Rock this morning, but the sun didn't want to come out - as it was a little cloudy and misty. However, Bec did get some great shots of this iconic WA rock.

We then went for a short walk to another rock known as "Hippo's Yawn", which was not to far away from the van. Scarlett loved the walk, as it was 'like exploring for treasure', and as soon as we reached the rock that looks a little like a Hippo Yawning, she went exploring up through the back of the cave and out the other side. She's definitely an outdoors girl - which suits both Bec and me just fine!

Across the road from where we had the van, is the Wave Rock Information Centre; which also houses a large collection of other bits and pieces including the Toy Soldier and Military Museum, the Lace Place, cars of yesteryear, and a Wildlife Park, where Scarlett was very impressed to find a dinosaur - which she had to get a photo of. Just up the road is the infamous 'Rabbit Proof Fence' that runs all the way from Esperance in the south, to Port Hedland in the north.

We then travelled about another 20km north to a place called 'The Humps' and 'Mulka's Cave'; which has the largest collection of aboriginal art in south western WA. It was really interesting and it was made even more so when we read and learnt about the aboriginal history and stories behind this place and its paintings.

We stopped in Hyden on the way back south to catch up on a little bit of shopping (which by the way Bec says the fruit and veg was very cheap and reasonable compared to other places already visited), while Scarlett and I explored the local welding sculptures in the park across the road.

We then travelled 300km south west to a free camp just east of Jerramungup on the South Coast Highway. It was a long drive, and both Bec and Scarlett watched a movie or two in the back during the trip, but it was worth it.

This camp area is very relaxing; surrounded by Salmon Gum trees and shrubby Acacia's, and just a short distance from the main road. On arriving here, Scarlett almost immediately found another little girl to play with who she discovered is also travelling around Australia with her family too (might I add that they are also travelling in the same direction - which means we will probably meet up somewhere else along the road).

No TV and no satellite tonight, so we all climbed onto our big bed and watched a movie together before Scarlett went to sleep, leaving Bec and I to read a book or two!

Very quiet, and very relaxing.

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