Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 88. Perth

Good bye Shane...

Another lazy day at home today. Robyn took Scarlett to a play group for a couple of hours, so Shane and I got busy washing and making up all the beds ready for Nana's arrival tomorrow. While Robyn and the kids were gone we ducked out for an hour to grab some groceries and a couple of bolts for Shane's big project of mounting the satellite dish onto the back of the caravan. I'm so happy it's finally out of the caravan, he has worked on it all day and it's finally finished, and what a great job he did too.

It's Robyn's Birthday on Saturday, and Marty is taking her out for dinner so tonight as a special treat I made her favourite dish for dinner, Swiss Chicken. It's chicken breast with ham and melted Swiss cheese on top in a garlic mustard sauce. I have it on good authority, I did good! This evening Shane was supposed to catch a train back out to Geoff's place in Joondalup. He is staying there till Sunday as Geoff lives near the race track for three days of V8 action.

After he worked so hard all day, I decided I would drive him in the car instead so he could then stay for dinner, and not have a two hour train ride/walk to Geoff's house. We then decided it would be easier for Scarlett and I to both come, and just stay with him there and drive back in the morning via the airport and pick up Nana. Geoff wouldn't be home from work till tomorrow morning, so we let ourselves in, had shower's, and made a cuppa. After her shower Scarlett conned me into letting her watch 'Stargate', she had an hour sleep in the car on the way here so she wasn't tired like us. Shane and I were both buggered so by 9:30 it was off to bed for us all and we all fell straight asleep.

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