Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 81. Perth

A day with the fishes
Naturaliste Marine Centre

We decided to pay Geoff back by giving him some time alone to do some personal admin by taking the kids out today. The kids decided they would like to go to the Aquarium of WA - 'AQWA', located at Hillary's Boat Harbour. So we packed the swimmers; camera and lunch, and then headed off for the day.

We got to Hillary's a little early and found out that the aquarium wasn't open yet, so we did a quick tour of the 'Naturaliste Marine Discovery Centre'  that we found just next door. This centre is home to the WA Fisheries' Department; and the kids got to see tanks where they were breeding different fish species, as well as having a look through the glass walls into the scientists laboratory's to watch them work. It was really interesting.
We then took a stroll through the mall, which houses the many boutique shops at Hillary's. Scarlett was very impressed with the crystal shop, and it was hard saying no to her with all the beautiful stuff in there. Hillary's has a beach and water park too, although these were filling up quickly with today being the first day of the WA school holidays.

AQWA was great! We all had a ball. The exhibits looked so natural and the range of not only fish, but jelly fish, weedy sea dragons, sharks and rays was amazing. We spent hours going through the whole place. The place was amazing; with the colours of the different fish species and the size of the giant rays.

Baby Crocodile
We found a heap of ray's outside in an open pool that the kids could take off their shoes and sit on the edge and dangle their feet into. Before long the curious creatures were coming over and swimming close by, letting them get close enough to even have a little pat. It excited them so much to be able to touch them, I was in awe of how game the kids were letting their feet hang in; and leaning over to pat them as they slowly slid by.


Saying "G'day" to a Ray

The weather was really heating up. We did plan to hit the beach, but Lachlan asked  if we could go to his local pool instead. I was keen as it was indoors and getting out of the sun was a good idea for the kids who I think had a little too much on Tuesday at Rottnest Island. 

They took in their snorkel and goggles and rode around, and around, and around, in the whirlpool a million times. Shane took in a heap of travel magazines, and read while I popped up to Coles to grab a few things for dinner. I was only meant to be gone for 30min, but you wouldn't believe it as I couldn't find the car when I came out. After another 30min of panic running around the car park, I was convinced it had been stolen. I finally found it. Shane is still laughing!

We all made it back home safe and sound, but very tired so it was a lazy afternoon in front of the TV watching movies, with risotto for dinner and early to bed.

Grey Nurse Shark eyeing Lachlan and Shane

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