Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 62. Albany


Today we did almost nothing! Almost...

The phone started ringing at just after 7:15am this morning! Why am I not surprised? We missed the call, but there was a message on Bec's phone saying it was DOCS, although the voice sounded remarkably like "Grumpy", Scarlett's poppy. Grumpy and Nana were calling to check on their precious grand-daughter and to see if she survived the night under the care of her mum and dad after yesterdays incident. Mmphf! Scarlett wanted to call them straight back on SKYPE to not only tell them her story, but to show them her battle scars! Funny little bugger!

I'd like to say it was a relaxing day, but we had loads of washing to do, so that took up most of our morning. I took off for an hour or so late morning to do some 'Bunnings' shopping, and Bec did a similar thing when I got back to get some much needed groceries - ready for our trip heading further west tomorrow.

The afternoon was all about Scarlett; and a surprise that she has been waiting for for days now. Today, the ERTH's Dinosaur Petting Zoo came and performed in Albany; and luckily I ordered tickets weeks ago as apparently it sold it very quickly. I knew Scarlett would love the experience, so I only ordered two tickets; Bec wanted some time to herself as well as using the time to do some things around the van without Scarlett and me in her hair.

First a little about what the 'Dinosaur Petting Zoo' is all about:

It's a petting zoo, but not as you know it!

Scarlett (Blonde) patting baby dinosaur
Meet erth’s awesome prehistoric creatures, from cute baby dinos to teeth-gnashing giants. Ancient life-like dinosaurs come alive and are mostly friendly in this fun, educational and unique performance event. The Petting Zoo is a unique show that allows interaction for children and adults while they travel with the erth performers on a journey through prehistoric Australian history with an amazing selection of dinosaurs and creatures. Children will have the opportunity to help feed, water and care for these prehistoric marvels. (Scarlett did all of these things today). Get up close and personal with an amazing array of creatures from bygone eras. Meet a menagerie of insects, mammals and dinosaurs that once roamed free around the southern hemisphere and are now in residence at The Petting Zoo daily. You can pet, feed and interact with them in a once in a lifetime imaginative experience. Children of all ages can watch wide-eyed from a safe distance, or dare to get right up close to the creatures. “Dinosaur Petting Zoo is a visually spectacular performance event with a wonderful use of puppetry and design elements. The interactive nature of the performance allows parents to have a fun and entertaining time with their children.

Scarlett was amazed, and ended up on the stage a couple of times, however due to no flash photography allowed, my photos really didn't turn out that good so I've included a few from other sources found on the net - just to give you an understanding of what Scarlett experienced today. She had so much fun and has a real of love of dinosaurs, so why wouldn't she? Now that Scarlett has a taste for dinosaurs (even more so than before); we are going to take her to Dinosaur world in Denmark in the next day or two as it holds the only T-Rex fossil in Australia, which I know for a fact will make her 'scream' with excitement.

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