Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 70 - Big Valley (Margaret River)

Exploring the far south west of Australia…

The kids on our van this morning.
We woke to the magpies morning chorus, and were surrounded by Port Lincoln parrots all over the lawns. What a beautiful morning. Unfortunately we are moving on today.

It was 7am when both Bec’s and my mobile phones started beeping like crazy. It seemed that the Telstra tower in our area was finally fixed, and the messages were flooding in. Adam and Courtney had had their engagement party last night, and our friends (Jodie and Michelle) had sent through a number of messages and photo’s from the party. Bec was feeling very homesick, and had a tear or two; I think she is now starting to miss her friends and family like never before. A hot cuppa and hug soon had Bec back to her old self again. I also received a phone call informing me that my cousin Erik and his wife Jelena had just become parents for the first time; a little girl! Congratulations guys!

It was a subdued start to the day, as Bec and the rest of us had enjoyed a few drinks last night while playing ‘Jenga’, and I think more than just one person was feeling the after effects this morning…

We packed the van, hooked up the Pajero, and were soon heading north again in our own little caravan convoy. All three families have been having such a great time, we have decided to continue travelling together for another day or two.

First it was north up to Manjimup, then west towards Nannup where we stopped for morning tea. Help! Bec was in serious need of some greasy food! I soon found a small caf√©, where we ordered a big bowl of chips and gravy. In Bec’s own words; “I really needed that, and it certainly hit the spot.” I must admit that at the time it tasted divine.

Hamelin Bay
We then headed south and stopped in at Hamelin Bay to see the ‘famous’ Sting Rays. Unfortunately the wind was blowing, and the sea’s a little choppy, so all we got to see were some black shadows moving around in the shallows at water’s edge. It was disappointing not seeing these critters as we had heard so much about them, but the day was not lost. We then headed further south, to the Cape Leeuwin Light House. This is the extreme far south western tip of, not only WA, but Australia.

Everyone walking past the ruins of the old logging jetty
Scarlett and a Pirate themed 'cow'
 We arrived just as the wind was picking up, and the sky was turning dark. We had come so far today that we didn’t just want to turn around and head back, so we went on the light house tour which we all found very informative. We took lots of photos, and then climbed the 176 steps to the top. It stands approx 42 metres tall; (not quite as high as the ‘Gloucester Tree’ we climbed only two days before), but we still found it a challenge. We were all still a little sore from our previous climb, but after 100 or so steps our muscles started to loosen up, and the climb wasn’t that hard after that. The view was amazing. This exact spot is where two oceans meet; the Indian Ocean, and the Southern Ocean.

Even as we looked out over the ocean, we could see a massive storm front approaching from the west. At the end of the tour, we headed north to find a place to camp for the night before the storm hit. We ended up about 10kms south east of Margaret River at a place called ‘Big Valley Campground’. It’s a privately run camp area, and from what I could see before it got dark and the rain started falling, the facilities looked very good. I think it will make a great base to explore the Margaret River area from and I can’t wait! We’ll stay here for a couple of nights and see what happens!

Bec, and where two oceans meet
Just behind the vans, the kids built a lean-to out of branches from the gum trees that surround the campground. They did a great job, but I really don’t think it would keep the rain out! They are having so much fun playing together. I think it will be a sad day for all when we finally part ways and head off in our own directions…

At the top of the Light House
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