Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 76. Perth

Old friendships never die...

I'm not sure what's going on, but there is no rain!

Before we came to Perth, we had contacted our friends over here and discovered that Perth has had no rain for over 60 days straight. We promised them all that we'd bring it with us, as no matter where we have been so far, we have nearly always had rain. Well, apparently Perth had some light rain for a couple of days before we got here, but now its gone. The skies are clear, and the temp is sitting in the mid 30's. Don't get me wrong as we're loving the change, but at the same time we are feeling a little sorry for our West Australian friends, as it's so very dry over here on this side of this great big country we call home. What a land of contrasts we live in!

This morning was spent unpacking the Pajero and caravan, as we are leaving the van behind at our friends place (Marty and Robyn's house) for the next weekend as we head north to spend some time with our mate Geoff at Joodalup. I never realised how much cr#p we have brought with us. When we return to Marty and Robyn's house in a weeks time, we are seriously going to have to go through everything and send back home a heap of things that we really don't need. Before we left this morning, Marty and Robyn gave us a quick tour of the beautiful coastline they call home. They certainly live in a piece of paradise over here in the west! We can't wait to explore this part of Western Australia when we return.

On our way north to Geoff's house, I dropped into a camping store and bought another camp chair, as the one I have now is not doing its job properly. During our shopping trip, I spied a new car fridge/freezer that I am seriously thinking of buying before I leave Perth. My present fridge (a twenty year old Engel that has served me well), is finally starting to cough and splatter. It has so far drained my 2nd battery twice, and spoiled what meat etc was in it at the time. I don't really want have food spoil while travelling up north when shopping for food, where distances will be great and the opportunity to shop will be few and far between. I'll do some investigating this week and see what is available around here.

I also need to find a better way to store my satellite dish, as Nana will be joining us soon and I need to the bottom bunk back. I'm hoping to find somewhere that can mount a bracket to the outside of my van for travelling.

Scarlett and Lachlan

Anyways, we arrived at Geoff's place just in time to watch the first of two V8 Supercar races being held in Hamilton this weekend. I'm glad I made it as my team "Kelly Racing" - which I am a Foundation Member of, won their first race! Rick Kelly came 1st, and his brother Todd Kelly came 3rd. Two positions on the podium is fantastic! Congratulations Kelly Racing!


Geoff spoilt us tonight, as he cooked a beautiful roast that was just so moist and delicious! Yummy! It's been great catching up with an old mate I've known since my school days, and to see his son Lachlan again. Its been years since we last saw them both. Scarlett is enjoying playing with Lachlan, and I think its great watching them get on so well. Geoff and Lachlan have been 'dog sitting', and we met BJ this afternoon. He's a great dog!

That's one of the great joys of our travels. We have had the chance to catch up with not only old friends that we haven't seen in years, but have also had the opportunity to meet new friends. I'm sure those friendships will continue for years to come too!

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