Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 79. Rottnest Island

An early start for us up at 6am! Packed some rolls, snacks, swimming gear and everything else you could think off and headed out for the train station. We are off to Rottnest Island today and had to catch a train to Fremantle boat shed B to meet our ferry over to the island.

Geoff and Lachlan are coming with us today, and also Jo, Jace and the kids too. It is great to see them again, I know it has only been 5 x days apart but the kids really missed each other. We boarded the ferry and started our 30min ride across to the island.

When we arrived to warm weather and full sunshine we started at the visitor information centre to get a bus hopper pass. This pass allowed us all to get on and get off at any point on the island throughout the day. We toyed with the idea of bringing our bikes across but it was going to cost a small fortune, and the little ones would have struggled with the big ride around.

Before getting on the bus I heard a lady mention a place where you were sure to find a 'Quokka'; so we were soon off on hot pursuit to find some of these allusive little creatures. This was the whole reason I came to the island so it I was keen to see one. We weren't disappointed as it only took 10 minutes of looking under bushes just out of the main area and we found them everywhere. They were so cute and even let the kids walk right up to them for some close up photo's.

We returned to the bus stop and then stayed on the bus all the way around the south side of the island, just taking in the sites. There was some wind blowing on this side so we decided to get off somewhere on the north side. The bays and beaches looked so inviting it was so hard not to get off at every stop. We held out and got off at 'Little Parakeet Bay'; there were a few people here, but best of all there was absolutely no wind.
All the kids Snorkeling

The kids were in the water before you could even get sunscreen on them. The water was so calm, crystal clear and tepid. They all had a go of the snorkel and goggles we brought, and saw an amazing amount of sea life. There were leather jackets, blue groper's, trevally, whiting, and some small stinging jellyfish (as Shane later found out). They all had the best time. Just as much fun was had on shore with feeding the 'King Skinks' our kiwi fruit skins, and apple cores. One king skink even let us hand feed him!

'Little Parakeet Bay'
We were reluctant to leave, but had a ferry to catch and wanted a quick look around the main shopping esplanade before we left. The boys had a few beers at the pub (very,very expensive) while the kids played in the playground. We walked over to get an ice-cream and saw more quokka's out in the open now as it was getting on in the afternoon. They are the cutest things ever!

It was a rough ride on the ferry back and I felt a little sick, lucky it was only a 30min ride. We said another sad goodbye to Jo, Jace, Maya, Grace and Jai and caught our train back to Geoff's. The kids were so tired I had cooked dinner before we left so it was a quick re-heat and into PJ's with a movie and then bed.
King Skinks
What a great day, a little expensive to get across to Rottnest island but a good day anyway.

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