Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 73. Margaret River

Down into the cave

Great morning; the weather looked good and we all met at the camp kitchen for a lovely BBQ cooked bacon and eggs brekkie. We sat around talking and swapping photos with each other on our lap tops from the past week. At about 11am, we decided we should get out and do something so we decided to all meet for coffee at the 'Berry Farm' just down the road.

On the way in we had to stop so the kids could watch the huge excavator and dump truck digging a new dam. The Berry Farm grounds were so lovely, but we headed straight into the cellar door for some tastings. This place was a culinary gold mine; there were so many jams, chutney's, sauces, dressings, wines, liquors and ports we didn't know where to start. They had a huge playground in view of the tasting area so the kids were taken care of and all we had to do was try and decide what to taste first.We finally decided on a port each after quite a number of tastings, and it was so hard to leave it at that I can tell you. The kids were having so much fun we moved over to the beautiful cafe to sit and watch them play over a tea/coffee.
Shane, Jace and Jo doing some tastings

Anyone for a coffee?

Paul the day before, went to the local tavern and had the most amazing feed of calamari/baby squid he had ever had. After hearing him brag all yesterday afternoon about not being able to finish it, we were all keen to head there for lunch and give it a go. The kids were all content with colouring in pencils and pictures from the tavern staff, so we all ordered the squid. There was no disappointment; it was so good, and the serving was huge. Even the kids had a small feed each, and commented on how good they were.

After lunch we popped into Country Target and grabbed the girls some new clothes; and Scarlett was desperate for some new trackies as she is growing so fast that all last winters clothes are too short in the leg to go another season.

The afternoon was getting away on us and not wanting to waste the good weather we decided to check out 'Mammoth Cave' to the south of Margaret River. We were all issued with an MP3 player and headphones, and started the self guide tour. This cave was by far the biggest I have ever been in, suppose it didn't get the name 'Mammoth' for no reason. The caverns were so huge, and the MP3 information was really interesting. The kids all listened to their players with much interest, even little Jai, and were disappointed when it was over.

On our way in
When we finally made it through to the exit, Shane the girls did a walk back through a karri and marri forest to the car park. Jace, Jo, Jai and I, walked back through the cave system again coming out where we went in. It was such a great walk, we were keen to see it from another perspective. We all came out together in the car park, and agreed it was a really great experience.


On the way back to the campground, we
took the girls for hot chocolate and cake. Shane and I shared a very disappointing vanilla slice, that was so 'not calorie worth it'. The hot chocolate however was delicious. Scarlett had a slushy and cupcake which she thoroughly enjoyed, then ran around playing hide and go seek with the other kids over the spacious grounds.

Jace, Jo, Jai and I heading back through

Maya, Grace and Scarlett

We decided after the enormous amount of food we ate today to skip dinner, and wait for Paul who was cooking scones in the camp oven later this evening. I can say, they were worth the wait. He even had yummy boysenberry jam and cream, I hope Shane was paying attention! 
Paul's yummy scones

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