Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 65. Parry’s Beach

A day to relax...

Today we decided to soak in the atmosphere at this great campground, and just hang out here and relax all day. We had pan fried ham and cheese toasties for brekkie, and multiple cuppas outside just watching the world go by was our morning. Shane had to catch up on yesterday’s blog, so Scarlett and I decided to go for a walk and explore.

We checked out the honesty box fruit and veg stand, as I was hoping for some sweet potato. Instead we found the biggest pumpkin we had ever seen. Scarlett got me to take a photo of it for the blog, as it was just so big.

Honesty Vegie Box

Biggest Pumpkin ever!

We also checked out a stand outside one of the grey nomads vans selling all kinds of brick-a-brack. We are finding you can get some really unusual stuff at these stands, and they pop up everywhere. This one had magazines for 20c, pot plants, handmade necklaces and a myriad of other wears. A lot of grey nomads have these little stands to help with the pocket money, there is also a great one next to our van with handmade cards and second hand books.

Grey Nomad's Stall
Next we went for a walk along the beach and we found some fisherman who had just pulled in their nets. They caught 8 x nice size salmon. This area is big for salmon fishing, but they aren’t the Atlantic pink kind though; these are white fleshed Australian Salmon. There was a heap of weed on the beach and a lot of sand flies so we headed back to the van.

This campground is dog friendly; so Scarlett has to stop and pat every single one of them. I think she misses Rhett; her dog we had to leave at nana and grumpy’s. I’m totally in love with our neighbour’s poodle cross maltese terrier, she is so cute. I wonder if I could find one at the pound when we get back as a mate for Rhett.

The afternoon was filled with much craft and art again. Scarlett has started a ‘Field Journal’ and she is cutting out and sticking in pictures of places she has been along with all her art work. It has become a real little masterpiece. Aunty Jo-Jo bought her a flower press for Christmas, and we have been pressing flowers and putting them in too.

Shane and Scarlett went and got another load of fire wood meant for this evening; but Scarlett managed to swindle her way into the wheel barrow for the ride back. Unfortunately we aren’t lighting the fire this evening now, as Scarlett is in trouble for reaching out and trying to touch passing cars in the campground as they drive pass. She has now been confined to quarters for the remainder of the evening.

 We were meant to have curried chicken this evening for dinner but when I went to get the chicken out of the Engel in the back of the car I was devasted to find 1.5kgs of chicken and 1kg of mince had gone off! So it was vegetable curry for dinner instead….

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