Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 264. Townsville

Bloody Car......

Today we are loosing the car to the Mitsubishi Service Centre here in Townsville. The engine light has come on a few times, and it has been blowing a heap of black smoke. The guys at Cairns did all they could, but without specific parts we didn't have time to hang around waiting for, it was just a band-aid job till we were able to get to a Mitsubishi service centre.

Shane dropped the car off at 8am, and they gave him a lift back to the park. We were hoping to get the car back not long after lunch, so we could get out for at least part of the day. It was so hot today, I decided to do some washing being stuck here anyway.

Scarlett and I did some school work, while Shane cleaned and packed ready to move on tomorrow. It was such a hot day that we basically hid in the van with the air-conditioner all day. We watched movies, and waited for a phone call about the car. By mid afternoon Shane called them only to find it still wasn't completed, so today we are going no where.

He finally got the car back with a huge bill at about 3:30pm, so we decided to not bother going out. This car has been the biggest lemon ever. Since we purchased it back in early 2009 it has cost us over $8,000 in repairs. Shane is absolutely astounded it's got us this far on the trip, and hasn't packed it in by now. It still has some major problems (about $7,000 worth), but should get us home anyway. As soon as we get back we are trading it into Mitsubishi for a new car, as I'm sure this will be the only way I will get anything for it.

Yesterday we saw the decommissioned HMAS Townsville

The Maritime Museum has added to it's collection the patrol boat HMAS Townsville. Well known for its role in the first of the popular TV series Patrol Boat, the vessel is close to the hearts of the Townsville community. She is sitting peacefully in Ross Creek at the Curtain Bros wharf, until its new home within the maritime precinct has been established. The ship was given to the museum in pristine condition, as if the crew had all just stepped out for lunch. Items left on board for display range from the fully equipped galley to the mattresses on the bunks. The Museum is hoping to maintain the vessel and keep the engines in working order to ensure that Townsville remains viable. They are even considering taking her out on special occasions....

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