Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 253. Cairns

Did someone say... LEGO!

Mmm... We all slept in until 7am this morning, which was a nice change from the couple of early mornings we have had recently. It ended up being a very casual morning, with no plans what-so-ever.

Bec and Wendy started off with a morning session of Aqua-Aerobics over at the pool, while Grumpy read his paper - in between bike rides around the park with Scarlett. They looked like they were having such a great time, that  none of us wanted to interrupt them. But Grumpy eventually got tired - so we all had a turn with Scarlett venturing around the park and seeing what everyone else was up to.

Road Hogs!

Scarlett and I went for a swim over at the pool once the aqua-aerobics had finished, and we must of been over there for hours. We ran into Hayden and Cameron (the kids we met back at O'Briens Gemfields Camp ground), who were playing in the pool with their mum. It was great to catch up again, and Scarlett really enjoyed playing with the two boys.

By the time we returned from our morning swim it was lunchtime, and Bec put together a fabulous spread that we all thoroughly enjoyed. After lunch, Scarlett talked us into playing with her 'Littlest Pet Shop for a while. Later Grumpy, Scarlett and myself took off into town to do some 'kid shopping', where Scarlett ended up buying her first LEGO with the money she got for her birthday. She was so excited!

When we returned to the van, Grumpy and Scarlett went for another swim; but soon discovered that somewhere between our caravan and the pool this morning, Scarlett had lost her swimming goggles! So they took the opportunity to retrace Scarlett's steps to try and find them for her. Unfortunately luck wasn't on their side, as when they returned from the pool they were 'goggle-less'. BUGGER!

The makings of a LEGO speedboat
After a quick shower, Scarlett, Bec, and Nana went inside the van to escape the heat and humidity. Scarlett soon had them building her new LEGO - a Fire-Tender boat, and speedboat. This model is a big step for Scarlett as she has never owned LEGO before, so reading and following instructions was a new and educational experience for her. No one actually did anything for her, other than provide support and guidance if she missed a step. The build itself was made up of small modules, which made the experience easier for her. She was able to do the small steps and then stop to take a break which certainly helped.

The last supper

It was soon dinner time, so we went over to the Cafe that is located within the Resort. Nana and Grumpy decided they wanted to shout us dinner, as it was their last night with us. After a wait, that took a little longer than expected, we all enjoyed a fabulous feed of chicken, steak and seafood - as we all decided to try different foods tonight. Well the food itself was fantastic - and very delicious. Even Scarlett loved it so much that she polished off a full chicken parmigiana by herself! We were all amazed, as we don't know where she put it!

Grumpy and Scarlett

After dinner, Scarlett hurried me back to the van to continue her LEGO build. She wanted to finish it tonight, and that she did! She was so proud of herself, that she couldn't wait to show everyone.That's my girl!

... and it's back to LEGO we go!

After a day spent around the van just enjoying what the park had to offer, we sat around and talked while watching TV. It was the last evening spent with Nana and Grumpy, and we didn't want the night to end.

We'll miss you guys!
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