Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 245. Lake Tinaroo

The Lion conquers the mountain!

As some of you will know, some things when staying in caravan parks are just out of your control, and this morning we experienced one of them.

Late yesterday afternoon, a family of 5 + a large dog (German Shepherd) turned up alongside of us and set up their tent while yelling and screaming at each other. No worries I thought, we've camped near some ferals before, and as long as they stick to themselves and leave us alone I have no problems with whoever decides to camp near us.

Well this morning at 5:30am they all decided to wake up and start talking, yelling and playing outside to the detriment of anyone near or around them! They had no care of who they woke, and went on to play 'ball' with their dog - causing it to bark and carry on as it ran around until it found some wild ducks and chased them through the caravan park.

Our camp at Lake Tinaroo Caravan Park

Needless to say that we were all up early. I didn't want to cause trouble, so I left them to their own devices. If they continued causing a ruckus, I was going to talk to the park management to have a quiet word to them. Luckily for us and the rest of the visitors staying here, they packed up first thing and moved on to annoy some other poor bugger. Like I said, some things are just out of your control...

Lake Tinaroo foreshore

Today we decided to just hang around Lake Tinaroo and take it easy. We played on the 'jumping pillow', checked out the lake foreshore, and went for a swim or two in the pool. Scarlett had a ball dragging us along and playing all day - if not with us, then with other kids she found staying at the park.

Scarlett and Shane playing on the jumping pillow

This is so much fun!
Another reason we decided to hang out here today, is because 'the race on the mountain' is on today - Bathurst! This race is pretty much the Grand Final of the V8 Supercar racing calendar, and if we couldn't be there this year with our friends, we sure as hell weren't going to miss watching it!

Luckily we didn't have to go far, as with the facilities here at the park, Scarlett was happy. And with digital TV in the van, we hardly had to move! We didn't get to watch the whole race though, as Scarlett wanted us to jump with her on the 'jumping pillow' or swim with her in the pool. It really was a fine balancing act, but in the end I think it worked out well. We got to watch all the important parts of the race; like the start, the middle, and finally the heart pounding finish. But we also spent time playing and exploring as a family, which I think we all enjoyed!

I'd just like to add that yes, Holden did win the race! And yes they did take out all three podium positions - 1 - 2 - 3. But I was personally impressed with Greg Murphy as he is one of the drivers for Kelly Racing, who I follow religiously as I'm a Foundation Member of the team. Congratulations Kelly Racing on your 3rd placing, and congratulations HRT on winning the Peter Brock Trophy!

Umm... I sort of went swimming in my clothes. Oops!

After the race had finished I jumped outside and scrubbed and cleaned the van, as its been quite some time since it was last done, as out west water was hard to come by. I must admit that I was surprised at just how dirty it had gotten; but now she looks all shiny and new!

Tomorrow we leave Lake Tinaroo and head to the coast. Look out Cairns... here we come!

Look out Cairns... Here we come!

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