Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 254. Cairns

Goodbye Nana and Grumpy... Hello Wet Season...

It was a very early start for mum, dad and Shane this morning. Mum and dad are flying out with Jet Star at 7am, and of course in true Jet Star style they didn't mention when we booked it was in and out through the international terminal. As a result they needed to be there two hours early, so Shane had to get up and take them in at 4:30am. Ouch! Scarlett and I did say our half asleep goodbyes to them both, then fell back asleep.

Today the rain came, and came, and came. It literally bucketed down all day, just like it used to when we lived in Brisbane. Poor Shane did a run to the toilet without an umbrella when it let up for a bit, only to then need rescuing by Scarlett and her umbrella about 30min later. We had to take the car in for service/repairing this morning, so we are all stuck together in the caravan for the day. I suppose I can't complain, as it's one of only a handful of days we have experienced so far over the year like it.

We did try and go for a walk with the umbrella's, only to find we were nearly going to be washed away. So it was movies, and LEGO for the day. It has given us a chance to catch up on the blog though. We had fallen behind with mum and dad here, and now they are gone we find ourselves at a bit of a loose end today. We are all ready missing them terribly, and counting down the weeks till we see them again.

Shane decided to take us out this evening when we finally got our car back to the 'Cairns Night Markets'. It was not at all like I expected, but we had fun none the less. Scarlett was amazed with a man who was blowing glass into small little animal figurines, and I had the best neck and shoulder massage for only $15. Shane and I got some Indian for dinner which wasn't too bad, while Scarlett had some noodles.

While I was getting my massage, Shane took Scarlett over to see the lagoon on the Esplanade across the road. It has nothing on South Bank in Brisbane, but is still is very nice. Scarlett was spewing she didn't have swimmers, as it actually stooped raining for about 15min while they were over there. It was good to get out of the van, even if only for an hour or so.

We are starting to panic about packing up and moving on tomorrow, as it might be another very expensive day spent here in the van at the resort....

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