Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 238. Karumba

The Gulf of Carpentaria

Mmm... What can I say? Today was a day that we achieved very little, as all we did was sit around and relaxed.

The day started off with me cooking Bec breakfast; eggs on toast with a side serve of baked beans. Scarlett enjoyed her cereal while watching cartoons - as the first thing I did after arriving yesterday was set up the Satellite dish.

Sunset Point Caravan Park - Karumba

After breakfast, Bec did some craft and colouring-in with Scarlett; before I took over and took Scarlett outside to clean and polish her rock collection. We both enjoyed not having to worry about doing anything and being able to spend some down time with Scarlett.

Our camp
Bec and I then looked over our travel pamphlets and planned our next stage of our trip; from Karumba to Cairns. We're hoping to get to Cairns and stay for a week at the Cairns Coconut Resort for Scarlett's 6th birthday, as we want her to be able to enjoy her birthday somewhere 'fun', instead of being on the road. She might not be surrounded by friends and family, but we'll try to make it a birthday she wont be disappointed with!

Before we knew it, it was lunchtime; and Bec was off in the Pajero to find something local. She soon returned with 10 x calamari and chips for Scarlett, and a couple of Barramundi Burgers and chips for us! Yum! They were delicious, and the best thing is they only cost $10 each! I must apologise for no photo's of this seafood feast we had, but I was hungry and the food didn't last long enough to get a photo! Sorry!

Scarlett and the girls enjoying the pool
After lunch, I took Scarlett across to the pool while Bec downloaded the latest episode of "Farmer wants a Wife", as she missed it the other day and wanted to catch up before she watches the next episode on TV.

Scarlett had a ball in the pool, and as usual she didn't want to get out an hour or two later when I was ready to leave. We then played tag, as I returned to the van and Bec took Scarlett back to the pool. Lucky for me the NRL grand final was on, so I sat back in the van with the Air-Con on and watched the game in luxury!

Wallabies on the dry salt beds - late afternoon

After the game, I took off and bought 1kg of Gulf Banana Prawns for $15! What a bargain! When I returned to the van, Bec already had the table set, so I quickly peeled the prawns and we made fresh prawn wraps for dinner! More Mmm...

Late afternoon down by the prawn boats

Sunset on the beach
As you can see, today we did almost nothing. That's mainly because it's a Sunday in outback QLD and 'nothing' is open. We're still learning to re-adjust to taking a step back and relaxing; as that seems to be the 'norm' in these parts.

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