Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 260. Mission Beach

Much a do about nothing....

Well today we spent pretty much the whole day at the pool... the end.

Well not quite, but nearly anyway. We had more rain overnight and it was a little cloudy, with patches of blue sky and some sunshine when we awoke. As soon as Scarlett got up she was asking for pancakes, so I whipped up a batch for her and Shane for breakfast. Everyday feels like Sunday lately, we sleep in, have a long lazy breakfast, watch some cartoons and finally climb into our swimmers and hit the pool.

While Scarlett and Shane were at the pool though, I took the opportunity to visit Woolworth's as it was closed yesterday. Turns out it with it closed yesterday, heaps of meat and deli goods were marked down 50% today. So, in the end,  it worked out better for me anyway. I did however go in with a planned menu that was thrown out the window, as there was so much other meat on sale. We got sausages, roast beef, chicken, kebabs and some mince all at half price. It was one of the best bargain shops yet.

When I returned the clouds had closed in and it was raining AGAIN! Scarlett and Shane were watching a movie, and were keen to help me unpack and see what goodies I got. While I was gone they had spent some time playing in the playground, and went for a bike ride over to the beach. So they actually did do something other than just hang at the pool. It was left over pizza from last nights dinner for lunch, and the sun again came back out so then we were back over to the pool.

Scarlett with her new friends Isabelle, Lucy and Sarah
 The rest of the afternoon was spent with me and Shane taking turns at life guard duty, while reading magazines and surfing the net on our phones. Scarlett has made some great new friends; a family with three lovely girls who are all travelling for three months along the east coast. We ended up talking with their parents most of the afternoon by the pool, while the girls played.

We had such a nice time chatting together, that we decided to all meet later at the camp kitchen for dinner. We did get Scarlett to do some more school work this afternoon, but she is really struggling to accept this new routine. Both Shane and I are adamant that we will have her ready by next year to hit 1st class, and not start at kindergarten; so we are determined to stick to it.

We then had a great night over at the BBQ area. The girls all played happily chasing cane toads, and a huge 'king skink' they found. We talked about our travels, and the great places we have seen, and recommended some places they should see. It was after 10pm by the time we were able to get Scarlett to come home, for the last hour or so the kids were happily in the girls camper trailer watching a movie. I'm guessing they will all be feral tomorrow though....

P.S - The memorial reads; 'To commemorate the centenary of the landing of Edmund B.C. Kennedy and party who landed two miles south of this cairn from the barque "Tam O'Shanter" on May 24th 1848 to explore the Cape York Peninsula. Faithful aboriginal "Jacky-Jacky" botanist W.Carron and W.Goddard were the only survivors of a party of thirteen men.

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