Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Friday, October 14, 2011

Day 250. Cairns

Beautiful Kuranda

Scarlett and Grumpy enjoying a coffee
Today we are all heading up to Kuranda for a day of sightseeing. We had a quick brekkie, packed some snacks and all jumped into the car. The start of our journey was from 'Freshwater Station', where we picked up the 'Kuranda Scenic Railway'. The station is beautiful, with it's greenery and old railway carriages; it was a lovely spot to sit and have a coffee while we waited for our train.

The trip up to Kuranda on the train was really scenic. We disembarked at 'Barron Falls' for a short leg stretch, and photo opportunity of the falls off in the distance. All up the train trip up to Kuranda took just over an hour and a half, and it was quite hot in the carriage, so Scarlett was quite glad when we finally arrived.

Barron Falls

We walked the beautiful tree lined street up into town, and straight into fresh banana and mango smoothies. After we explored the shops, and grabbed a bargain or two, mum and I took Scarlett into the 'Butterfly Sanctuary'. There were hundreds and hundreds of butterflies, and they were beautiful. We all especially loved the bright blue 'Ulysses butterfly', which is so sad because it's so stunning but only lives for 10 to 15 days. The butterflies kept landing on Nana's hat, so we placed her hat on Scarlett. At one stage she then had 5 x butterflies on her head. She had such a great time here, and also got to learn a lot about the butterflies life cycle too.

Is there a butterfly on my butt?

Meanwhile Shane and dad were sitting in the pub, having an ice cold beer and sweet chilli chicken wraps. We picked them up and moved down to another pub where there was a kids room, and mum and I ordered some lunch too. When we were ready to hit the markets, dad and Scarlett were quite comfy in the kids room watching 'Garfield II', so that was where we left them.

Mum, Shane and I went on to then explore the markets. I must admit I was a little disappointed, it might be because it is now low season, or it might be because I have been to Broome and Darwin's markets which were so much better. But it all seemed a little tacky, and too touristy. And I know I am a tourist, but they were more like the Asian shops back in Sydney that sell everything with Koala's on them.

We met back up with Dad and Scarlett who had been having a great time, hanging out in the lolly shop and were now watching a man weaving hats and baskets. We all decided it was too hot, and time to head back. Scarlett was chomping at the bit to leave, as we were now going on the Sky Rail.

The Sky Rail was amazing, I have never been on anything like it. It was an absolute buzz floating so high above the rainforest's canopy. I was able to see Ulysses butterflies way down below in the trees, and when we crossed the Barron river we even saw a black snake swimming across in the water. We got off at 'Red Peak' to walk the rainforest's boardwalk, where we were in total amazement of the many huge Birds Nest ferns.

Nana and Scarlett on the Skyrail
The trip was over way too soon, and we disembarked and boarded a small 22 seater bus that took us back to 'Freshwater Station' where our car was parked. On the way back to the van Shane took us on a slight detour into Cairns to the Esplanade so Scarlett could experience 'Muddy's'. Muddy's is a huge kids playground with water features for the kids to cool off down on Cairns foreshore. There is no swimming here at this beach, with the crocs and stingers it just not safe.

Huge bird nest ferns
When we got back to the van Scarlett went and played with Julia and Alison, the girls who arrived yesterday. But we weren't back for long and we were all off again, this time to 'Brother's Leagues Club' for dinner with Jace, Jo and the kids. We met at the buffet and all enjoyed a great meal and caught up. Mum was happy to see the kids again, as she had become quite taken with them on her visit back in May.

Ginger Plant

It was a big meal to end a very big, but very good day. We all enjoyed Kuranda, especially the Sky Rail, and it was great to catch up with Jo and her family again. We all fell into bed exhausted; Scarlett didn't even pop her head back out even once.

Tomorrow is a very special day, and we are all so very excited.

Muddy's Playground

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