Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 248. Cairns

A busy day spent at the shops

It was quite a humid night last night, and as a result Scarlett woke at 6am calling out to me that there were two of my favourite birds (Bush Stone-Curlew's) out under our awning. I was still asleep when I replied 'that's nice mate'; and Shane who has more of a conscious than me, went to her window and admired the birds with her. When I did finally get up about 1/2 an hour later, they were still out the back of the van, and Scarlett had me out there before my first cuppa checking them out.

We were again at the pool straight after breakfast, and enjoying the relief from the heat which was already starting to rise. We played together for about an hour before deciding to escape to heat and going to the air-conditioned mall to see a movie. 'Smurfs' was on at 10am, and I still had some shopping to take care of for the weekend, so Shane decided to take her and give me a chance to finish it off.

First stop was Dan Murphy's to grab some alcohol, as we are expecting some guests this weekend for Scarlett's birthday we need to cater for. Shane and Scarlett then took off to see their movie, while I grabbed food and supplies for her birthday and to feed everyone this weekend. It was so unusual walking around and seeing all the shops, as it has been so long I didn't know which shop to go into next. I was however thankful it was a weekday and there weren't many people there to navigate around. I still don't like crowds anymore...

When I met back up with Shane and Scarlett, we let Scarlett pick some decorations and lollies for her party. We also needed to get her some new shoes, and a pressie for our new baby nephew 'Logan'. We finally got out of there at about 2'o'clock as we were starving, so went back to the van for lunch. The heat was so unrelenting today, we weren't in the van long when we decided to hit the pool again and we pretty much stayed there the rest of the day. 

Scarlett was so buggered from the heat and hours spent in the pool, we put her down early tonight and she pretty much flaked. We unfortunately couldn't sleep so had to put the air-conditioner on, which is quite loud and hard to sleep with. I must have been tired, as I don't even remember hearing it.

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