Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day 252. Cairns

Breakfast with the birds!

At the 'Rainforest Habitat' in Port Douglas

This little Curlew followed us everywhere!

We had an early appointment this morning to experience 'Breakfast with the birds' up at Port Douglas's 'Rainforest Habitat'. We were all up and off in the car by 8am, and after a quick fuel stop we were on the road. Mum and dad are keen to visit Port Douglas again as it's been a very long time since we were here for family holiday (I think over 20 years ago).

The road up hugged the coast line, and it reminded me very much of the coast road down at Wollongong. We followed the palm lined white beaches for about an hour, and all the while the water looked very inviting (other than the crocs and stingers that is). It's already heating up; and we are considering not bringing the van back up this way when we leave Cairns. I think we'll be heading south instead, as we are in need of an escape from the heat. So today we were really hoping to get a good taste of the north as we may not be back for quite some time.

Young Palma Wallaby
We started our day in Port Douglas with one of 'Rainforest Habitat’s' amazing specials; 'Breakfast with the Birds'. We were tempted with a fantastic selection of everything you could ever want for breakfast... and more. A traditional Aussie spread of bacon, sausages, eggs, hash browns, beans, toast, cereals, pastries and the most amazing selection of fresh tropical fruit we all thoroughly enjoyed. While right beside us were the most brightly colourful, and cheeky birds; looking down upon us from their perches at our tables. We were even lucky enough to have a 'Tawny Frogmouth' brought to our table for a visit and a pat.

After breakfast we enjoyed a walk through their three unique tropical environments; the world-famous rainforest avairy, the wonderful wetlands, and finally the grasslands - which were home to kangaroos, wallabies and crocodiles. Scarlett had a great time feeding the little baby 'Palma Wallabies', while I fell in love with a little 'Night Curlew' who followed me around and even let me pat him. It was a great experience which we all really enjoyed.

Ohhhh that feels good.....
On the drive into Port Douglas, we realised how different everything is now. We didn't recognise hardly anything at all. This sleepy little village we fell in love with 20 years ago, is now like most others in being very commercialised and touristy. The markets were still in the same place; but were considerably larger. We did enjoy walking around and checking out all the stands, as they had a great selection of local arts and crafts. Dad bought Scarlett a great picture of a Tree Kangaroo, and Scarlett picked up an amazing bird whistle with her Birthday money.

My yummy Coconut

Mum and I bought a coconut that had been on ice; where they cut a small hole and placed in a straw. It was a very refreshing treat indeed. When we finished our coconut milk, we took it back and they cut it in half, grinded up all the flesh and added fresh banana and honey. Let me just say this was today's highlight. It was devine!

We took a quick stroll down the street to see all the shops, while dad retired into a pub for a quiet cold ale. He had the right idea, escaping the heat and humidity. We all soon gave up on the shops and joined him for some lunch and an ice cold beer. After lunch we did an air-conditioned tour from in our car, and them started our drive back. Scarlett slept the whole way home, as she was buggered.

Scarlett riding a sugar cane juicing machine

Hold on dad!
When we got back to the van Scarlett asked if she could hire one of the parks peddle cars; so we got a two seater and all took turns cruising around the park with her. Dinner was another great BBQ at the pool, with everyone swimming 'till well into dark. We all fell straight into bed this evening, as with the early morning and midday heat, we were all exhausted.

Nana taking a turn

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