Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 246. Lake Tinaroo to Cairns

Welcome to the Coconut Resort

Small Goanana Scarlett found
Today we move to Cairns and into the 'Coconut Resort' two days early, making our stay there now nine days long. It's the most (other than back home) we would have stayed anywhere so far. I promised Scarlett yesterday afternoon to try and get her out of the pool, an early morning swim before we set off today. Shane was going to try and finish washing the van this morning, so our departure would be slightly delayed. She is such a swim-a-holic; I recon she was a mermaid in a past life with the water a little chilly, it was 8:30am and she was in.

After Shane finished his amazing job on washing the van, which now looks brand new again, we finally headed off at 11am. We needed to make a quick phone call back home first to his brother as he and his family welcomed baby number 5 into the clan today. A big welcome to baby Logan Hunter Cheney, and congratulations to Paul and Monique. We can't wait to meet our new little nephew when we get back in Dec.

The road down into Cairns went through the Gillies Ranges, and it was so steep. We're not used to driving down mountains and negotiating traffic; it seems like we have been on long straight flat roads with the odd road train for ever. I got a little car sick and was so thankful when the 70km's of winding, steep narrow road (which took over an hour and a half to get through) was over.

Our Site is so lush and green, something we aren't use to

When we finally arrived at the resort, we were bundled into a golf buggy with a huge frog on the roof for a tour of the resorts grounds. Scarlett sat in the front seat, and was squealing with joy the whole way around. This park has everything; a full water park, two swimming pools complete with slides and spa's, a bike track, two jumping pillows (apparently one is the biggest in Aust), a playground, putt putt golf, outdoor cinema and the list just goes on and on. Scarlett was excited to say the least, and we were so happy for her, we brought her here to hopefully give her a special birthday with her being so far from friends and family.

Poor Shane hadn't even unhitched the van and Scarlett was in her swimmers begging me to take her to the water park, I couldn't hold her back she was just too excited. So I kicked back on a banana chair while she ran from the water slides, to the water cannons, and then under the huge water bucket when it emptied on all the kids every three minutes. She had an absolute ball, I can see I will be spending hours down here reading my book while she has a great time.

I finally managed to talk her into coming back for some lunch, and letting me finish the van set up. After which I then had to take off for the shops to grab some supplies. It was so good walking around a huge mall for the first time in ages. I did a heap of window shopping, some more birthday shopping, and finally food shopping. I got a txt from Shane after three hours asking if I was ok. He had been dragged from the water park, to the pool, and then to another pool for hours, and was in need of a break.

Scarlett in the spa
We had a BBQ for dinner again, as the weather is just so great up here for eating outside. And after dinner Scarlett talked us into hitting the pool again for a quick dip before dark. The pools don't shut here till 9pm, so we did have plenty of time. It was great swimming all together. Usually we take shifts with her, so we each get a break, but tonight it was good to be playing all together.

After our swim, I snuck away for a shower. While I was gone, Scarlett said she could hear the 'Bavarian Dancers' starting over at the tennis courts. She somehow managed to talk poor Shane into taking her over to have a look. When I got back I could here their kooky German music, and everyone laughing having a great time. An hour later they finally returned and Scarlett excitedly explained how she got up on stage heaps of times, and even learnt the chicken dance. Poor Shane is so tired he has now fallen into bed.

The Bavarian Dance Troop

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