Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 6. Finley

A baby is born!

A very exciting day today, a new baby male Alpaca (Cria) was born. Andrew rounded the little fella up first thing this morning and moved him and mum out of the rain, and into the shed. He was only an hour old and Shane and I both got a nurse, it was very special indeed. He is so cute, we just went and checked on him again this evening and he is suckling like a champion, he’s now even more cute all dry and fluffy.

Another day spent mostly inside with the bad weather. Scarlett had a lovely day though with Allison (Sara and Nick’s little girl) coming over this morning for a play date. Four movies and two bags of pop corn later and it’s now turned into a sleep over. Shane and I even got to watch a movie today, with the kids playing so happily together.

With the rain unrelenting, both girls pestered Andrew so much he finally gave in and took them both for a ride on the quad bike. Lucky it was just before bath time, because they both came back soaked to the bone, but with huge smiles from ear to ear.

This evening’s dinner was home grown roast lamb, it was sooooo good. Nick and Sara came over and I had a lovely time getting my little person fix with their toddler Emily.

We all consulted the maps again today trying to decide where to move onto next, with the flooding our options are very limited. I was so keen to head into Echuca, but it seems to be a bit wet and flooded at the moment. I am struggling to find somewhere that isn’t.

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