Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 13. Renmark

Barefoot Bushman in Renmark

Today was another exploration day. We decided early that we were going to visit "Bredl's Wonder World of Wildlife" here in Renmark. This is the home of the Barefoot Bushman - a very iconic Australian.

Although a small park in comparison to many other wildlife parks, we discovered that this park was to be a very hands on experience, where we ended up close and personal with the famous man himself.

On entering the park, we were greeted by a very young doe that was only a couple of weeks old, and Scarlett instantly fell in love! We then walked outside and straight into a close encounter with a capuchin monkey. After a short walk around the grounds, we watched the animal show given by Rob Bredl himself. The show started with an introduction to the Betong, a beautiful little macropod. Then, Scarlett handled baby leopard tortoises, bearded dragons, reticulated pythons, frogs, the doe and then the capuchin monkeys. What a day. After the show, we hung around and chatted to Rob and his wife for a short time while Scarlett bottle fed the doe. Magic!

It was then lunchtime, and we moved down to the riverfront to enjoy a great 'fish and chips' in the park.

We returned to the caravan park, where Bec left myself and Scarlett to our own devices while she went back into town to do some shopping and have some 'Bec time'. Scarlett and I hired a pedal bike and spent the next hour pedaling around the caravan park and along the river. We then ditched the bike and went for a well deserved swim in the pool.

When Bec returned from her trip into town, Scarlett talked her into 'visiting' the jumping pillow and playground here at Big4 Renmark. A very full day for Scarlett indeed.

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