Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 14. Renmark to Mannum

McLeod's Daughters meets the Cheney's...
We had a lovely sleep in today, and Shane made bacon and eggs for breakfast. We packed up and left lovely Renmark this morning and hit the road only to stop 20km’s down the track at a huge adventure playground for Scarlett at Monash. This playground was huge and best of all free, I don’t know who had the better time Shane or Scarlett.

Next stop was Banrock Station winery, after some very nice tastings I settled on a Pink Moscato, some local Dukkah and Olive oil. This winery is very eco friendly situated overlooking a huge regenerated wetland area filled with birds. I would love to have sit here all afternoon drinking wine and eating good food if I didn’t have a 5 yr old hounding me to move on.

We stopped in at Brookfield Conservation Park just out of Blanchetown. This park was purchased by the Chicago Zoological Society in Brookfield USA as a wombat reserve to study the Southern Hairy Nosed Wombats. It’s now managed by S.A. National Parks, and it’s the first time we took the caravan seriously off road. When we parked this evening and I went to get a jacket out of my wardrobe and discovered that everything that was once hanging up was now on the bottom in a huge pile. We didn’t see any wombats….

Further down the track Shane had a lovely idea to take me for a drink in at the Gungellan Hotel (at Freeling) out of McLeod’s Daughters, it was so cool. Pity that show took a nose dive; I really enjoyed the first couple of seasons.

This evening we settled into a free camp, again on the Murray River at Mannum. It was a quick spag bowl eaten out on the riverfront, and when it got dark we did some spot lighting. It didn’t take long before we were seeing possums in every tree. Scarlett had a green apple and was hand feeding them, they were so tame. One poor possum was coming down the tree to get a piece of apple from her, when the little bugger slipped straight down the trunk and onto her, she got the fright of her life. Kept her cool though and stood still and he just ran back up alongside her again. Don’t know what it is with this kid and freaky animal encounters at the moment, tomorrow at the Monarto zoo should be interesting……..

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