Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 24. Arno Bay to Port Lincoln

Port of Call

The wind did die down a little last night, but the camp was however covered in sand when we awoke this morning. After brekkie Scarlett and Shane hit the sand dues to 'find clues', this is Scarlett's new favourite pass time. They found lots of dog tracks, and it wasn't long before they found two wild dogs. A black kelpie cross and blue healer, it looks like the follow the mouse trails and dig them up for food.

We didn't go far this morning stopping 5 minutes down the road at the Arno Bay salt marsh board walk. The boardwalk was about 2km's long and winded it's way through wetlands, salt marsh, and mangroves. We saw small fish breeding grounds, crabs on the mud flats, and heaps of birds. It was very well done, and great to see such a small town with such a lovely attraction.

Arno Bay Salt marsh Boardwalk

Lady Kinnard Anchor

Next stop Port Neill. Here we checked out a gallery that uses electroplating to make any organic matter, I.E: gum leaves, gum nuts and other small flora into jewelery and picture frames. they even electroplated small sea horses and star fish! This process coats the leaves etc in a solid metallic finish, they look like they have been turned into shiny metal. The leaves when framed were beautiful although a little pricey.

We went to a walk along the pier, and Scarlett checked out some fisherman's catch. Then it was chicken and salad rolls in the park, while Scarlett played on the playground equipment. There was a huge historic anchor here from the 'Lady Kinnard' that Shane and Scarlett had a great time posing on.

Port Lincoln awaits, so we were off and on our way. We have booked in there for six nights, the longest stay anywhere yet. We have been on a pretty tight schedule to get here, as I have booked in for a Great White Shark dive with Rodney Fox leaving this Friday. This was the last expedition being run of the season, and I booked and paid for it last year. After this, we are free as birds again to take as long and we like to get anywhere.

After a great risotto at the van, we went for a walk down to check out the caravan parks playground. Scarlett gave it the big tick and so did Shane.

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