Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 17. Murray Bridge to Kangaroo Island

An amazing encounter!
This is a day late I know, but Internet isn't the easiest thing to access over here on Kangaroo Island -
But its worth the wait! Read on.....

It was an early start to make the ferry in time. The drive took just under two hours and we found ourselves boarding the Kangaroo Island car ferry and on the high seas! Actually, the seas were flat and the trip across went fantastic. Scarlett commented that she was travelling overseas!

First stop was Pennington Bay on the south coast where we had lunch and walked along the beach and crawled amongst the rocks and cliffs. Scarlett had a ball, and Bec and I were mesmerized by the beauty and coastline. It truly is an unforgettable place, as the water is a beautiful turquoise colour and the beaches are as white as any we have ever seen!

While travelling, we came across a salt lake and decided to investigate further. I took the Pajero out onto it so I could get some good off road photos. While I was doing this Bec decided to go for a walk, and before she knew what was happening she found herself breaking through the salt layer and sinking into stinking mud, It was hilarious! She was almost crying, and here I was laughing and taking photos! Scarlett was not impressed and told Bec that she was disgusting!

We then made our way to the north coast to a little place called Emu Bay. We found we could take the Pajero on the beach and travel the whole length of the beach. Scarlett thought it was great and can’t wait to go back.

Halfway down the beach, we had the most amazing encounter. While I was exploring the sand dunes, Bec and Scarlett decided to go for a swim. Bec called out to me that there were dolphins nearby. By the time I found the camera, Bec and Scarlett had practically walked up to them (very shallow water), and the dolphins came over to check them both out. There were 4 or 5 adults and 2 young ones in the pod. They got that close, that if Bec wasn’t holding Scarlett, she could of reached out and touched them. It was a magic moment that will live with Bec and Scarlett forever!

We then decided to check out what was happening towards the middle of the island and found a little place called ‘Parndana Wildlife Park’. Scarlett kept asking where are all the Kangaroo’s? She expected them to be everywhere. Well we were on Kangaroo Island, so I could see her point. This place has a plethora of local native wildlife, and the biggest collection of birds I have seen in one place. (Evo you would love it here!). We fed the animals and did everything possible, before enjoying an ice-cream and making more plans on where to head next.
We headed north to another place called Stokes Bay. We decided to set up camp here for the night, so we pitched our tent, made dinner, and then went exploring! We found another truly amazing place. We went for a walk and found a series of caves in the headland that opened up on another fantastic beach and natural rock pool. Scarlett and I left Bec to read her magazines on the beach, and Scarlett and I went exploring. We found more caves, and Scarlett soon had me squeezing through the tightest, narrowest holes imaginable. However we did end up going in one place and coming out somewhere else on more than one occasion. We even went rock hopping out past the natural rock pool, and by the time we found our way back, we had gone completely around one headland, and didn’t return for about an hour. I think Bec forgot about us, as by the time we returned she was almost sleeping.

The other thing about this place is all the little critters. We have all these small wallabies and bandicoots visiting and again, Scarlett loves it. We are just minding our own business doing our own thing, and the next thing we know we are surrounded by wallabies. Even now, I’m sitting outside the tent typing this blog, and I have at least 3 wallabies less than 6 ft away eating grass and checking me out. It’s a great feeling having wildlife so close!

(Posted by Shane via Bec's blog access - I'm still having troubles)

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