Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 11. Mildura

Gaol house 'rock'

This is our third and last day in Mildura, and we are only now just starting to unwind. Unfortunately it was a hot one (about 38 deg C), and we certainly felt it, so we had to relax more than once today in the pool while sipping a nice Mudgee white port!

We tried to visit Orange World but it was closed, so we took pictures out the front and then moved onto Wentworth. This is where the junction/merger of the Murray and Darling Rivers occurs; the river is 4mtrs above the normal height at the moment in flood, so it’s a pretty spectacular sight. Unfortunately the lookout was also closed due to the flooding. We had a look – as best we could, and then moved on down river to check out Lock and Weir No 10.

As we had a little time on our hands, we stopped in at the Old Wentworth Gaol. It’s the oldest standing gaol in Australia. Reputedly the notorious bushranger ‘Captain Starlight’ spent some time here. Shane was very interested, as his family history dictates ‘Captain Starlight’ robbed an ancestor of his for a pair of leather boots he was wearing. Wonder if this was one of the crimes he was in here for???

The day was really warming up so we headed back to the caravan for the air conditioner and lunch. After lunch we made our way across the other side of Mildura to check out ‘Woodies Gem shop’, which was surprisingly very interesting. We played in the playground, explored Aladdin’s cave which was filled with gem displays, checked out how jewellery is made, and watched rocks being cut open and polished. Scarlett was rewarded with a Crystal gem, as she was on her best behaviour, and loves to collect rocks! She was in her prime today.

We returned to the van and jumped straight in the pool where we spent most of the afternoon. It was great just to relax, talk and play for a change. We even chatted to other holiday makers, some escaping for a few days, to others who are also travelling around Australian like us. This park is very quite at the moment, it is only about a quarter full, just nice.

Tomorrow….ditch the fruit and veg as we are bound for South Australia!

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