Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 20. Mypolonga

See! I can do it mum!

A lovely sleep in today. After our big drive back yesterday from Kangaroo Island, we were all exhausted. Troy's brother in law Kym, sent the kids over to the van this morning with an offer to take Scarlett off our hands for a couple of hours to go with them to watch the boys play tennis, a huge YES from Scarlett! She had missed the kids over the couple of days we were away, and was keen to catch back up with them.

With Scarlett gone for a few hours we managed to do a few loads of washing, clean out and pack away all the camping gear and get ready to move on again tomorrow.
When they got back Kym asked if we were keen to come down to the river (they live across the road from the Murray River) and put his ski boat in for a few rounds. All three of Kym's boys are great on the wake board and knee board, having lived on the river all their lives.

It wasn't more than 20min in and Scarlett was asking for a turn. I must admit I wasn't very keen as I didn't think she would be able to hold onto the rope, not to mention she only just learnt to swim and it's a very big river right now. Kym assured me she would be ok, he would go slow and his eldest son Cooper would jump in on the other knee board to keep an eye on her. Well blow me down if the little bugger jumped straight into the river and pulled herself up on the knee board and managed to not only hold on through the take off, but lasted for at least a kilometre.

We were all so surprised, and totally amazed she pulled it off. When she got back into the boat she turned to me and said with attitude "See mum, I told you I could do it" nothing this kid does now will ever surprise me again.

Now Troy's sister and brother in law are both named Kym, slightly confusing but made our job easier remembering their names anyway. So when talking about Troy's sister Kym I will just refer to her as Troy's sister.

Troy's lovely sister (Kym) made us yummy roast pork for dinner and the kids played happily for hours. It was so nice to just sit out on their front balcony and watch the Murray River flow by over a couple of drinks. Later in the evening after we put the kids to bed Troy's sister casually walked past and commented "The table is on fire". OMG she was so calm, the outdoor table was very much alight. The kids had sparklers earlier so there were spent matches and we also had mozzie candles on the table and something somewhere had gone wrong.

The boys ran for the fire extinguisher, I can laugh now, but the extinguisher didn't quite work as well as they expected and after running then for water they finally got the table out. I felt bad for them. It was a beautiful table and some melted through onto the floorboards below, thank god they were all laughing about it later and discussing what we could use the new hole in the table for!

After a few too many Vodka's and Port's we watched a movie and I think we went to bed at about 2:00am, I honestly can't remember. I was pretty stressed when I did go back to the van, Shane realised I had accidentally deleted all the photos from the ski boat earlier. I couldn't believe it, I didn't have one photo left of Scarlett's big ride or anything. It is very disappointing. I will have to be more careful in the future.

Troy's sister Kym

Troy's brother-in-law Kym

Scarlett, Cooper, Mitchel and Reilly

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