Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 23. Port Augusta to Arno Bay

A night on the beach!

After a restless night listening to trains shunting across the inlet, we rose to a beautiful morning. By the time we decided to start moving and climb out of bed, most of the Grey Nomads had already left, and we found the park virtually deserted.

1st stop today was the 'Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden' situated on the Stuart Highway on the outskirts of Port Augusta. This was actually a very nice side visit, as the first thing Bec found as soon as we got out of the Pajero was a juvenile Perentie Monitor digging for and eating grubs. We were lucky to get a few photo's before he disappeared into the scrub. The plants and wild flowers were beautiful, and Scarlett loved searching for the metal 'cut out' animals hidden in the gardens along the path. It kept her busy while Bec and I enjoyed the scenery.

Next stop was Whyalla, where we stopped at the tourist information centre and loaded up on pamphlets on what to do and where to go for the next couple of weeks. We were surprised to see the old WWII corvette HMAS Whyalla sitting high and dry beside the car park and took full advantage with another photo or two during our lunch break here.

We decided to 'free camp' 5km just north of Arno Bay which is halfway between Whyalla and Port Lincoln. Bec and Scarlett enjoyed watching DVD's in the back on the way south, while I enjoyed some Alan Jackson in the front during the 2hr drive.

When we arrived we discovered that we had the camp ground all to ourselves! I think the wind might have had something to do with it - as its still blowing a gale! Anyway, we set up camp and Bec and Scarlett went for a walk along the beach to see what they could find. There's all sorts of fishing things washed up on the beach - as we can see the Tuna boats and Aquaculture pens out at sea from our camp site. They came back with an odd assortment of 'discoveries', and I have promised Scarlett that I will go out with her in the morning to see what 'clues' we might find!

Other than the wind it's a beautiful location, and if we survive the night and don't have to dig ourselves out in the morning, I'm sure that we will wake to a glorious day enjoy a hot BBQ breakfast on the beach while watching Scarlett swim in the ocean!

(well, that's the plan......)

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