Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 27. Port Lincoln

Just the two of us...

Scarlett and I slept in until about 8am this morning. I would of liked longer, but Scarlett was up and rearing to go. Although it was early compared to other mornings, we started off on a good note, as Scarlett came and laid down with me for a while and watched some TV before wanting to colour in and do some drawings.

While Scarlett was busy doing some craft work, I did a little maintenance on the van. I.E: fixed a crimped/bent drain pipe that Bec has been on me to fix for ages, and modified the privacy screen on the awning, as well as putting the new rego sticker on the Pajero - thanks Wendy for passing it on.

We the went for a drive into town where I bought some supplies, and Scarlett bought herself a new DVD - the Chipmunks! Her choice, and she loves it! Also, while out shopping Scarlett brought to my attention a beautiful little thing that she asked if she could buy for mummy - as a present. She was so sincere and adorable that I couldn't refuse! I have no doubt Bec will love it, but then she'll want to know what we will do with it as storage space is at a premium at the moment. It doesn't matter, as I couldn't refuse Scarlett's request. (I'll deal with that one when Bec returns).

Another family rocked up down the end of the lane way and Scarlett was onto them before they knew what hit them! They have 3 x boys and they all hit it off from the start - lucky me! I got talking to their mum and dad, and they are from South Africa and travelling around Australia for a year also. However they are travelling in the opposite direction and started their adventure from Perth, and we worked out that we will probably meet up somewhere in the Northern Territory in a few months time. We took down each others details and plan on keeping in touch.

That's one thing we have noticed since being on the road - the number of families doing the same thing as us - its amazing! Its great though as Scarlett really pines for playtime, and finding kids along the way and making new friends really keeps her not just occupied but really happy. We find having Scarlett along really breaks down barriers when it comes to meeting new people as she doesn't hold back and just introduces herself wherever she goes.

We bought some bait (Squid and Prawns) when we went out earlier, and we went down to the wharf to try some fishing as Scarlett has been pestering me non stop since we got here to take her fishing! Needless to say that she was bored after 30 minutes as the fish weren't biting. I didn't expect to catch anything anyway, as the tide etc was all wrong, but it was a good way to spend some time with her. She was very interested in the bait - not only on how to put it on the hook, but also how we could play games with it. Lets just say that Ken and Barbie have got nothing when it comes to the imagination of Scarlett Cheney. She can play with just about anything and make it interesting.

Not long after we started fishing, our friendly Australian Sea Lion turned up again to see if we had any fish. It was very funny and it kept Scarlett amused for ages. I think she fed it most of our squid bait - Oh well! The thing kept swimming under the pier and Scarlett turned it into a game of Hiding-Go-Seek. Like I said - I really didn't expect to catch anything anyway, and with the Sea Lion playing boo with Scarlett, I wasn't disappointed.

We finished off the day with spotlighting along the foreshore. Its a little breezy, but we did spot a new Gecko that we hadn't seen before. It turned out to be a Thick-Tailed Gecko, also known as a Barking Gecko. fairly common in these parts of Australia apparently.

Today was a good day - for both Scarlett and me. Bec was worried that we would be fighting the whole time she would be away - but honestly, we've had no tantrums, no fights, and only once have I had to warn Scarlett against doing something she's not suppose to. She keeps telling me that she made a 'pinky promise' with mum that she would be on her best behaviour - and she has. The only tears have been when she hurts herself playing or when she falls off her bike (as we are trying to move on from using the training wheels at the moment).

Lastly, Scarlett has a second loose tooth! I'm guessing this will be out by the time mum gets back or shortly afterwards! She sure will look funny with two front bottom teeth missing! :-)

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