Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 287. Hervey Bay to Fraser Island

Remembering dad....

We were all up and packing up the van by 6am this morning. Although we aren't taking her to Fraser island with us, we had to have it packed and ready for when we return. Our van is staying here at the Hervey Bay Caravan Park (on the site we have been using for the last few days) for only $1 a day, while we move over to Kingfisher Bay Resort on Fraser Island for the next week, such a good deal!

Reversing onto the barge
We checked in on the mainland (as they have a reception at River Heads), and boarded the Kingfisher Bay barge. As we boarded, we noticed at least 6 turtles swimming nearby at the river mouth. They were feasting on jellyfish as the tide ran out of the river. It was a beautiful site - but we were soon brought back to reality as we noticed a large sand crab trap with two small dead turtles inside floating by. They must of gotten themselves trapped as they tried to eat the bait. It was a very sad sight indeed....

Driving on Fraser Island
We arrived at the resort by 11am, and were immediately shown to our 2 bedroom villa. How good is that - an early check in. I'm not sure who was more excited; Bec or Scarlett? Bec spotted the spa, and Scarlett loved the bath tub! Bec loves the idea of separate bedrooms, as does Scarlett, who can't believe she has her own bed in her own room. This might sound a little strange; but we haven't enjoyed something as simple as a bath, separate bedrooms, or a fully equipped kitchen since we left Nana and Grumpy's house; and to think we left our own house back in Brisbane back on the 15th December 2010! Living in a caravan is certainly hard work, and I'll be the first to admit that after 287 days, space is a cherished commodity. So spending a few days in a fully furnished villa in a resort on Fraser Island is exactly what we all need right now!

Azure Kingfisher

Shane and Scarlett at 'dads tree'

Strangler Fig

We decided to head straight to Central Station, on the bank of Wanggoolba Creek, in one of the most untouched and pristine rainforest's we have ever seen. This is the place where my two brothers and I buried our fathers ashes back in 1993. I have only visited this site once since that day, and that was in 2003 to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of his passing. Today is a special day for me in that I have now brought my family to this place, as neither of my two girls sadly never had the chance to meet Jeff; my dad.

Wanggoolba Creek

Bec and Scarlett walking through the rainforest
A lot has changed in 18 years; but I can honestly say that I found the tree that marks the spot we buried his ashes almost immediately. There is a lot more undergrowth, which made it hard going for Bec and Scarlett; but the tree looks almost the same (OK, maybe a little bigger), as do the surrounding landmarks that helped me locate it so quickly.

We returned to the resort via some very rough and sandy tracks, and immediately went for a cooling dip in the pool at the main resort complex. This place is absolutely beautiful, and I'm so glad we chose Fraser Island to spend the last week of our year travelling Australia. It just feels right...

Scarlett and Bec in the resort pool

PS: One thing I would like to share with everyone is an incident that occurred at my dads funeral all those years ago. At the end of the service, a chorus of Kookaburra laughter rang out which brought a smile to every ones faces who attended - and we have always said since that the Kookaburra is dad looking down on us. Well a funny thing occurred today that made me think of that day again. As we neared 'dads tree', a Laughing Kookaburra called out, and I must admit that it made me think of my dad straight away. Whats even spookier, is that after we enjoyed our dinner outside the villa this evening, and watched the amazing colours caused by another QLD sunset; a lone Kookaburra flew onto a branch above us all, and just sat there and watched us. I know most people would probably think I'm a little crazy; but I like to think that its my dad looking down on me and giving me his approval on bringing my wonderful wife Bec, and dazzling daughter Scarlett to 'our' island paradise....

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  1. I see you lot are really enjoying the last of your travels. What a fantastic story about the tree and your Dad Shane. Can't wait to see you...