Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 283. Hervey Bay

A day with my best mate....

After a little sleep-in and some morning school work, Scarlett and I were out the door by 10am to give Bec a day to herself. It's been quite some time since Bec has been able to relax and do whatever she wants - without Scarlett or myself around to annoy her. So we left Bec to her own devices, and we attacked the esplanade and foreshore together.

First it was back to the Water Park; as Scarlett had a small taste of this place yesterday and wanted to return as soon as possible. We arrived at just after 10am, and didn't end up leaving until after 2:30pm. That's over four and a half hours of playing and frolicking in the many water themed playgrounds that this place has to offer! She really wanted to ride on the 'big wave machine', but thought better of it - as she returned the safety helmet and boogey board at the last minute....

Next, we went and checked out "Tinkerbell's"; which is a Crystal and Fantasy shop located on the Esplanade. Scarlett loved all the gems, crystals, fairies, and dragons; and it was so hard walking out of there without buying something. However, she did promise herself that she would return before we left Hervey Bay to buy 'just a little fairy dust'.

We then crossed the road and played in the playground for about an hour - before moving down to the beach for a small swim. The water was absolutely beautiful, and the weather perfect. We ended up having to put on sunscreen a number of times as the sun was really beating down, as we swam and played in the tranquil waters that are Hervey Bay.

Afterwards, we went down to the boat harbour to check out the shops and admire all the whale watching boats. Scarlett loved watching all the fish in the water, while enjoying a cool and refreshing ice cream.

When we returned back to the van, we found Bec relaxing in the Air-Conditioning. She apparently had a great day by herself - and I have no doubt that she cringed as she heard the Pajero pulling up outside.

Just after we returned to the van, we heard Christmas Carols in the distance, and soon found Santa Claus coming down the road in his sleigh. It was the Lions Club on a Christmas Pudding drive, so Bec couldn't help herself and bought one. Much to Scarletts delight, she was given a lollipop by Santa, and she happily accepted the gift.

I can't believe its almost Christmas....

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