Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 273. Airlie Beach

Another Sunday in the tropics....

Our morning was spent relaxing and reading. Scarlett enjoyed playing with her friends, a little bit of school work, and watched "Mr Poppers Penguin's". Bec and I enjoyed a hot cuppa under the awning, a little reading, and a bit of 'maintenance' around the van. By mid morning, we were off to top up our groceries (as we are moving on tomorrow), and went into Bunnings to get some minor maintenance gear for the van. All up it was a relaxing morning, but productive at the same time.

After lunch, Bec and Scarlett did some painting (craft) outside the van. Lately Scarlett seems to live for craft; I swear she's addicted! Afterwards, her friends Sarah and Lucy came by and asked Scarlett if she would like to go riding with them. Scarlett 'hired' a bike from the front office, and soon joined them as they went riding around park. Once they were over riding their bikes, they all came back to our van where Bec set them up with more craft and drawings.

Scarlett probably doesn't realise how lucky she is having Bec for a mum. Honestly, Bec would have to be the best mum in the world when it comes to looking after Scarlett and the friends she continually brings back with her. Bec always has time for every one of them, and you would swear our van was a creche half the time, as Scarlett loves bringing new friends 'home', and Bec loves helping them all. So on behalf of Scarlett and all the friends she bring back, "Thanks Mum."

This afternoon, Dave and Andrea came over to enjoy a few drinks with us, while the girls all played and danced together. Time certainly flies when your having fun, as before we knew it the sun had set and it was getting dark - and quick! We all agreed to catch up over dinner at the camp kitchen. The kids showered, changed and prepared for more fun and games- now in the dark! We spent the last couple of hours sitting around the camp kitchen discussing future travel plans. Here, we were also joined by Peter and Jennifer, (another family we have joined up with on our travels), where we discovered that we are all heading in the same direction - sort of! This being the case, we will no doubt continue running into each other along our travels...

Jennifer, Dave, Andrea, Peter, and Bec - all enjoying a drink after dinner....

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