Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 279. Gladstone

A blast from the past....

This morning we woke from a very restless night. We're staying at the Kin Kora Village and Caravan Park here in Gladstone, and its situated under the flight path of the Gladstone Airport; as well as being located right next to a very busy rail line. Not that we are complaining, as we new this was the case even before we arrived in Gladstone. We chose this park as its the closest one located to my 'old school friends' - being only a couple of kms away from their house.

We headed over to their house mid morning, and when I knocked on their door I was greeted by the tightest hug imaginable. Amanda was the first to greet me, and she squealed with delight as we made our long overdue reunion. Next was Jeff; who was right behind her, and we gave one and another a very warm handshake welcome. I introduced Bec and Scarlett, and in turn we were introduced to their children; Keelie and Dane. What a wonderful family they have, and it was so nice to meet them all.

Scarlett immediately took off and played with the children, while Bec and I caught up with Jeff and Amanda. It was so great to see each other again, as it's been 22 years since we last caught up! I went to High School with Jeff and Amanda back at Corinda State High School (Brisbane) in the 80's, and these two were high school sweethearts back then! It's amazing that we have been able to catch up after all these years, and we ended up spending the whole day talking and reminiscing about days of old. During the day, Bec even helped Amanda set up a web page for her own use, while Jeff and I caught up over a rum.

Amanda, Shane, Jeff
Keelie, Scarlett and Dane

Ex HMAS Gladstone -
now part of the Gladstone Maritime Museum 
The day flew by, and we ended up heading down to the Gladstone Marina, where we enjoyed the late afternoon sunshine while the kids played on the monkey bars and playground in the parklands. Over in the distance, I noticed the old HMAS Gladstone; a Fremantle Class Patrol Boat. It's now moored at the Gladstone Marina and part of the local Maritime Museum.

We returned back to their beautiful house and enjoyed the afternoon outdside under the pergola. Before we knew it, it was dinner time, and Jeff prepared and cooked up a storm on his BBQ. It was so relaxing as we enjoyed a drink together. We spent the rest of the night talking and talking; as we had 22 years of catching up to do....

Today really was a 'Blast from the Past', and made that much more enjoyable as my family got to meet some of my friends from days of old. It was like the years just melted away, and our friendship was never in doubt. Friends like these two are hard to come by, and I feel very privileged that they are still part of my life...

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