Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 98. Geraldton to Kalbarri

Happy Mothers Day

I woke today to a million hugs from Shane and Scarlett for Mothers Day. Scarlett had made me two cards, a lot of work had gone into them, and both were beautiful. Shane and Scarlett had bought me a porcelin shark figurine of a mother and baby shark that matched my whale and calf figurine they got me in Port Linclon (after got back from for my shark dive). Mum and I were then treated to eggs benedict for breakfast; they were so yummy. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful family, and having mum here has been the icing on the cake.

After breakfast we packed up the vans and moved on. Today was a relative short trip to Kalbarri, about 150km's. We were going to stop on the way at Port Gregory to see their pink lake, but like the last 'so called' pink lake we passed, this one was not pink either. I am beginning to think the shots in the pamphlets of these pink lakes are photo shopped to try and get travellers to these small towns.

When we arrived at our resting place at Wagoe Chateau, a cattle station turned campground/caravan park, I must admit I was a little taken back. There isn't much here and the flies are insane. There is however a back gate with 4x4 access over some sand dunes to their own private beach, and it was cheap so we decided to stay and give it a go.

We had some lunch, set up camp, and headed into town to do some sightseeing. We stopped on the way at Eagle Bluff lookout, and took a small hike down to the beach. The cliffs here are so rugged; they remind me a bit of the Nullabour, except they are rich red colours of iron ore and are made up of mostly shale and quartz.

The weather here has really started to heat up, it was 31 deg today and the walking was difficult. A little down the road we stooped off at 'Mushroom Rock' another reasonable walk down to the cliffs edge, and sure enough there was a rock remarkably resembling a mushroom. Jo recons it looked like a shitaki mushroom.

It was then into the tourist information centre for some pamphlets, and onto the local take away for a much deserved ice-cream. We had heard about and wanted to check out an iconic restaurant called "Finley's BBQ" that I had be given a tip on, and although it wasn't dinner time yet we swung by for a look. As soon as we walked in we were intrigued. It consisted of a dirt floor, many collections of Australian memorabilia everywhere (including a full sized boat), and all the furniture was eclectic. Scarlett and Grace walked straight towards the menu board and heard a booming voice say "Don't touch the chalk board!" The kids jumped six feet then ran behind us. It was such an interesting place and we decided to come back at 5:30pm when it opened for dinner.

We weren't disappointed. There is no table service, no tablecloths, no drinks (you bring your own) and absolutely no pretension. But it's arguably the freshest fish I have vere experienced! The drill goes a little like this - you order your dinner, pay your bill, sit down and be quiet until your number is called. A sign above the barbecue invites you to sing for your supper, which Gary (the owner and chef) says is a great way of getting people together and helping them interact, we weren't game enough.

It turns out they are really patriotic, and Shane was asked to sign an honour board (being military) and we got a huge discount on our meal. As they called our number, they introduced Shane as an Australian Veteren and asked the patrons and guests to cheer and clap when he got up to get his meal. I had "an arm and a leg"; which consisted of a mixed plate of BBQ fish, fried fish, steak, chips, fresh prawns and fried rice. There was no way I was ever going to get through it. Shane and mum both had "the main event"; which was another mixed plate of fish both BBQ and fried fish, mussels, prawns, calamari rings, spring rolls, fried rice and chips. Everyone agreed that it was the best seafood we had had in a long, long time. What an experience, one we will all never forget.

When we got back it was so dark we all sat outside and watched the stars. They were so bright, and there was a lightening storm off the coast way out to sea that was providing a spectacular show. Another great day!

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