Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 118. Exmouth

The Whale Shark Festival

This morning Shane rose bright and early to go fishing with Jace and Tim (from another family we keep running into on the road). Shane was given a heap of bait from a fellow traveller who was no longer going to be able to use it, and it was just the excuse Tim needed to get the boat off the roof and back into the water.

Scarlett and I decided to go into town and explore the Whale Shark Festival on all this weekend. Jo and her kids, and Naomi (Tim's wife) and her three girls, all decided to tag along. We were in town by 9:30am, and the kids were straight into the stalls. They all held baby orphaned kangaroos at the animal rescue stand, played with the field equipment at the ARMY reservists stand, and climbed all over their land rover scout vehicle. They all entered into a colouring competition at one of the whale shark dive stands, and made wonderful creations with craft and play dough at the playgroup stand.

Jai, Scarlett and Grace at the ARMY reservist stand

We all got a sausage sandwich for lunch, and watched a very funny circus/acrobatic show. Afterwards the kids all danced to a local musician playing music on the main stage. They then had more musical fun with the very colourful, and eclectic, Junkadelic Band. There were craft markets, food stalls, whale shark conservation displays, and much, much more. We spent over four hours there, and spent next to nothing, but had the best time.

Shane and the guys returned at lunch time with excitement and stories of all the wildlife they had seen from the boat. They saw two sea snakes, heaps of turtles, a pod of dolphins, a dolphin fish leaping out of the water, and so many fish, the place was teaming with wildlife. Overall they caught about 40 fish, and kept about 6, being a mix of black snapper, Spanish flag and a small spangled emperor. They even saw a poor guy, who's car got caught by the rising tide.

When we returned back to the caravan park, I took Scarlett to the pool for the afternoon to play with all the kids. I was able to read some of my gossip mag in the deck chair, while lazing in the sun. Shane was doing some jobs around the caravan when we got a phone call from the festival people letting us know Maya (Jo's eldest girl) had won the colouring competition . Shane popped into town and picked up her prize; a new set of snorkel and goggles. A fitting prize as Maya has become quite the snorkeler of late. She was stoked with her prize, and I might say it was rightfully deserving, her colouring in was great.

Tim and Naomi filleted and crumbed the fish the boys caught, for everyones dinner and Jace did a cod fish in chili he had been given by a fisherman back in Coral Bay. We all enjoyed a joint BBQ meal of the fish at the communal kitchen, while the kids ran around playing hide and go seek all evening. It was a lovely meal, the guys did well today, and now the bar has been set.

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