Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 94. Cervantes

A natural phenomenon...

We all had a very relaxing sleep in this morning. Scarlett must have been tired, as she didn't get up till nearly 8am. We sat around outside and had breakfast in the sun, while the kids all played with the barbie dolls.

We have sent Scarlett's training wheels off her bike back to Brisbane in the boxes from Marty's, and this morning she asked to have a go on her bike without them. Jai her little mate, who has already mastered this art, offered to give Scarlett a lesson. They were so cute, but I must admit I didn't expect much for her first attempt. Jai started with explaining the brakes and how to get on and off the bike, both essential skills for successful bike riding without training wheels.

Jai giving Scarlett a bike lesson

I pushed her along on the first go, but she felt so steady I decided to let go of her straight away. Blow me down, she took off and rode at least 30mtrs on her own and even put her feet down to stop at the end. I was amazed, and called Shane and mum straight over to check her out. After three successful runs, we put on her stack hat, and put her on the hard stuff. It was even easier for her on the road, Shane ran along with her and she was mastering at least 50mtrs now with Jai pedaling right along side of her. I am so proud.

After lunch we decided to go and see the stromatolites. They are a type of bacteria that grow upwards and form these very weird looking domes that are over 3,500 years in the making. There was a great boardwalk that circumnavigated the whole lake, so we all walked around it together.


Maya, Jai, Scarlett and Grace

Next it was onto the 'Pinnacles' where we had packed a hamper of wine and cheese for dinner. We checked out the visitors centre, and Nana bought Scarlett a book, and herself a fridge magnet. We checked out the lookout, and the kids had a ball running and hiding behind all the rock formations. We could have sat here for hours soaking in the ambiance.

We took so many photos, that it has been so hard to narrow only a few for for the blog. Everywhere we looked, there was another amazing sight. The Pinnacles were definitely right up there with some of the most amazing natural phenomenons we have experienced so far.

We set up our gourmet picnic of fruit, cheese, crackers and wine. Everyone who passed us was so jealous, and wanted to join in. We waited patiently for the sunset, and enjoyed one of the most scenic lookouts ever. When the sun started to set we raced around everywhere taking photos from every angle. Everywhere we looked was another amazing formation, bathed in setting sunlight. The shadows and changes in the rocks colours will certainly be hard to justify with our photos.

We drove the 4km one way track through the park, letting the kids each have a drive. And as it got darker and darker, and we were no longer able to take any more photos, we reluctantly left. We will never forget this place, and it should be on everyone who is travelling this part of the country's list.


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