Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 107. Carnarvon

This is the life...

This morning we woke to a greyish day, and by mid morning the heavens had opened up, and the rain came down. It didn't last long, but it was heavy.

I dropped off the Pajero to get serviced, as we had a bit of a scare the other day driving here. The front of the car was vibrating heavily, and whining like there was no tomorrow whenever I put the foot down for a bit of extra power. I really needed to get this checked out before we ventured further into the harsh Australian outback, so I took the opportunity today to get it checked out and serviced at the same time.

As we didn't have the car for the day, it was a rest day at the van. I took the opportunity to mount and install the awning beam/strut to help support the actual awning during inclement weather. Bec has been on me to do this since we left Sydney, so I thought Carnarvon in Western Australia was as good as any place to finally get around to doing it. I think being almost drowned by cascading water when I went to pack it away after some recent rain in Monkey Mia finally brought me around. I had only just finished the job when the rain came down, so it was tested straight away. Luckily for me it held out, and the water fell off the awning in the back corner - just as I had hoped it would.

Wendy made cup cakes today, and she promised Scarlett and the kids (Maya, Grace and Jai) that they could decorate their own. They were frothing at the mouth, brought on by the smell of the baking alone. So when it was time to decorate their cup cakes; they all jumped in at the first chance to do so. It was a mad house for a while there, but the kids all had fun, and did a great job with their decorating. Scarlett devoured hers without even looking up, but Maya kindly shared hers with the rest of us. Thanks mate!

We finished the day having a BBQ at the 'Camp Kitchen'; sharing a dinner with our mates the Piggott's. During dinner, a full moon rose above the distant horizon; and it truly was a beautiful site. It looked so large, the photo's don't do it justice.

I also spied what looked like a satellite passing overhead; and now that I think about it (as it was very bright), I bet it was the space shuttle 'Endeavour'. The last space shuttle ever to be launched into space is presently orbiting Earth, and I think I was lucky enough to see it tonight. It caused quite a buzz around the camp kitchen.

Today wasn't a big day on the news front (sorry), a day doing absolutely nothing was exactly what we needed. I did some small jobs around the van, the car finally got serviced, and Scarlett had a day where she didn't have to worry about being dragged around doing the touristy 'family' thing.

We have seen a big improvement in the last day or so with Scarlett. I think she was getting overwhelmed having to do things all the time. We think the rest is doing her the world of good, and as such have decided to spend another 2 x days in Carnarvon doing zip - that's right... nothing.

This is the life....

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